First I would like to say THANK YOU for stopping by our humble site! I'm Jackie Marie Beyer host of the Organic Gardener Podcast and my husband Mike and I want to do whatever we can to help you build an earth-friendly organic oasis to love and enjoy!

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If you are new to podcasting, I think you are going to love it! Podcasting is a way to make lifelong friends, learn things you are truly interested in, and be inspired to be the best you out there! I honestly believe this. I also feel like you'll never be alone again!

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Never alone listening to Solo Hour Podcast in Paris

The thing I love about podcasting the most is that you can do it when you're driving, exercising, completing mindless chores, and even out in the garden!


So what is a podcast? It's basically talk radio that you can listen to any time you want (aka on demand)! There are podcasts on just about any topic you can imagine.



You can listen to a podcast on a smart phone, kindle, desktop/laptop computer, iPad or tablet, Chromebook, and now many radio stations like Stitcher, Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio have podcasts too!

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You can even listen to the Organic Gardener Podcast on Progressive Radio Network ( in NYC on the radio or call in from your landline on Monday nights at 8pm EST • 6pm MST.

On the Organic Gardener Podcast I usually interview backyard gardeners, market farmers, sustainable agriculture experts, nutritionists and more. I try to release a new episode with an inspirational guest every Monday and then a replay or bonus episode on Thursdays. I'm just a one girl band so my show notes are literally my notes I take during the show and while I'm editing the audio. I do my best to include the links we discuss, keep the notes as thorough as possible and make them as easy to read as I can.

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 iTunes holds about 100 episodes but you can listen to any of the archives on our site.

So, what do you want to learn? What are you interested in? What podcast episodes would interest you the most?

When you subscribe to the show on iTunes or your favorite android app it will automatically update when a new episode is released but if a particular topic strikes your fancy you might want to check out other great episodes by searching under the categories.

Often when you find a new podcast that you love you start to "binge" on it which means that you will download a whole bunch of episodes all at once and listen to months of content in a short period or time, just like you do with your favorite seasons.

What I guarantee you about my show is that if you want to learn some secrets to being more efficient, effective, and most of all sustainable (as in we are caring for the planet so that it will still be here for our grandchildren and their grandchildren and on and on ...) techniques to help you enjoy the natural environment around you, my guests drop "golden seeds" in every episode. And I know that I have learned the most of all because when I started I had a brown thumb and could barely keep a basil plant or a geranium alive and now I'm confident I could run a school garden and feed a family.

If you are interested in deep garden beds? I might recommend these great episodes:

226. Bonus Earth Day Episode with Joe Lamp’l | The Joe Gardener Show | Atlanta, GA

5 Tips to Creating Successful Raised Garden Beds

157. Instant Organic Garden | Don Rosenberg | North Carolina

Are you wondering how to grow an organic lawn or earth-friendly landscape you might start here?

281. Organic Lawn Care | Hippie Fertilizing | Arthur Olson Jr. | League City, TX

Ep 123: Howard Garrett | the Dirt Doctor | Organic Lawn Care | Dallas/FortWorth, TX

New to no-till or permaculture? You might want to check out these great guests?

167. Grow Ohio Valley | Black Swan Organics | Danny Swan | Wheeling, OH

244. Agrarian Food Web | Soil Health and Sunflowers | Patti “Amazing” Armbrister | Hinsdale, MT

Interested in improving your soil? That's definitely been the biggest success secret from all my guests you might want to start here?

Alissa LaChance and my brother Peter Ramos both talk about composting in these popular episodes!

Jes Pearce from the Jeavon's Center in California discusses growing 60% of their crops for healthy soil.

Denny Krahe and Kathy Nesbitt each share the facts about starting your own worm bin and using vermiculture for easy composting.

Treatment free bees your next step in your garden journey you might check out these great episodes?

121: Biodynamic Farming and Treatment-free Beekeeping | Jacqueline Freeman | Friendly Haven Rise Farm • Venersborg, WA

264. Power Polinators Improve Your Yields | Rent Mason Bees | Rockstar Millennial Olivia Shangrow | Bothel, WA

Bee a part of the solution | The Sustainability Project | Care Bellamy the beekeeping REALTOR® who “Cares” | Florida

131. Beekeeping Education | Tamarack Apiaries | Lisa Foley | Kalispell, MT

Want to hear some of the ins and outs of productivity at the Farmer's Market check out these awesome guests!

170. JM Fortier | the Market Gardener | Les Jardins de la Grelinette | Quebec, CANADA

222. Abe’s Acres | Gabe Sicliano | Growing for Market | Hightstown, NJ

177. Saratoga Farmer’s Market | Market Manager Julia Howard | Saratoga, NY

episode 70. Arlee Farmer’s Market | Growing Effectively and Efficiently for Farmers, Markets, and Tasty Cooking | David Wolverton | Arlee, MT

40: Kathi O’Leary | Over 35 years gardening experience, Farmers Markets, Garlic and more | NW Idaho & MT

Interested in adding some fruit trees or bushes to your landscape, healthy nutritious assets that come back year after year after year with minimal care and taste so good you'll say what have I been eating all these years?

Check out these awesome episodes:

130. Great Fruit Tree Pruning Practices | Simply Trees | Russ Metge | Salt Lake City, UT

152. Horticulture Educator | Master Gardener | Fruit Tree Care | Leslie Fowler | Eureka, MT

Mike and I have been working hard to put together a course for anyone who wants to grow a healthy landscape and organic oasis that helps our planet. We understand lots of people live where access to fresh nutrient dense food is readily available and are only interested in developing a lovely yard to enjoy after a long day. We understand the time it takes to have a bountiful garden and we have spent years on our journey, so we hope to share the challenges and successes we've had here as well as what we learn from others to make your garden journey just what you want!!

Don't hesitate to email either of us at or

So let's get growing!