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Mulch keeps weeds out of your beds and retains moisture

So this video is July 12, 2020, I am talking about the broccoli’s mike planted are ready to harvest.

The seedlings I put in pots indoors to plant outdoors in the fall, never made it. They got really decimated by bugs for one in the hot august sun, and they just didn’t have time to form heads, but the time we got our frost Sept 8, they were barely 6″ high.

So, Mike says growing fall broccoli is really hard here something he has not had success with, but his spring broccoli’s are to die for now. Now that we have a chest freezer it’s time to double down on spring broccoli my all time favorite vegetable and possibly favorite food.

Sunflower finally blooming August 12? 2018

I swear my sunflowers all bloom the middle of August, whether I plant them in April or June. It’s like the sun get’s to a certain time of day, and boom they all start to open. IDK I guess that can’t be true, but I do know if I want them to go to seed I need to get them in the ground on Earth Day, April, 23rd.

Mike always says, are you sure they can go in the ground? And I say emphatically, yes. That being said, I am planting bird seed sunflowers. SO MUCH CHEAPER! I usually end up buying packets of fancy sunflower seeds in the store mammoth ones, or orange ones, for vases, and maybe that’s the problem, I plant them in in June and they are short season so they all bloom in August.

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My mom’s herb bed great for salads!

Every organic oasis should have an herb garden Take the 2019 Organic Gardener Podcast Challenge to learn how and why!!
2018 Labor Day potato harvest at Mike’s Green Garden the MiniFarm

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