421. The Vegetable Garden PEST Handbook | Susan Mulvihill | Spokane, WA

Website/blog: SusansintheGarden.com Facebook: facebook.com/SusansintheGarden Instagram: @SusansintheGarden YouTube: youtube.com/SusansintheGarden Here’s the link to Susan’s gutter peas video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCf51pinA0Q Salsa recipe https://www.susansinthegarden.com/2020/09/homemade-salsa/ Episode 809 – In Susan’s Garden My book review:  https://smile.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R18INBM5RS0XVA?ref=pf_ov_at_pdctrvw_srp Let’s take a minute to thank our sponsors and affiliate links Wanna donate to the show! You can “buy me a cup of coffee” where…

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Hey we made the top 2 in organic gardening and #5 in regular gardening on Feedspot for 2019!!I didn’t really understand what feedspot was till yesterday when I actually entered my email and got their newsletter this morning. Very cool. It basically sends you interesting news in your feed from your favorite sources. Check Out Feedspot here: https://blog.feedspot.com/organic_gardening_podcasts/

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255. Growing Berries and Fruit Trees in the Pacific Northwest: How to Grow Abundant, Organic Fruit in Your Backyard | Tara Austen Weaver | Seattle, WA Part I

My interview with Tara Austen Weaver who’s new book Growing Berries and Fruit Trees in the Pacific NorthWest: How to Grow Abundant, Organic Fruit in Your Backyard! is full of so many valuable golden seeds she drops in this special 2 part episode you won’t want to miss a word!! www.orgaincgardenerpodcast.com