318. Little Gardener | Julie Cerny | Environmentalist and Garden Educator Extraordinaire | Hudson Valley, NY

Little Gardener Book Julie Cerny

The Little Gardener: Inspire Children to Connect with the Natural World  It’s truly a book out of my heart. BOOK GIVEAWAY: Enter here to win! They are giving one to a listener. Connect with The Little Gardener author Julie Cerny Here: Find Julie on instagram @https://www.instagram.com/thehappylittlegardener/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/The-Little-Gardener-101235494924539/ Do you have any…

301. Appropedia – | Lonny Grafman | To Catch the Rain | Humboldt State University, CA

Forever Humboldt U Lonny Graffman

Appropedia is for collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology, poverty reduction, and permaculture. To Catch The Rain Tell us a little about yourself. So, I’m an instructor at Humble State University in far northern California. to make real projects all around the world in summers we’re teaching in other countries India Dominican Republic Mexico El…

Replay of interview 132 with The Permaculture Student | Matt Powers | Yosemite and Fresno, CA

Permaculture Student Online Course High School

Matt Powers is an experienced teacher, family guy, author, consultant, farmer, seed saver, plant breeder, musician, blogger, & permaculturist and creator of the permaculture student curriculum and online course.

The Permaculture Student Curriculum is focused on starting resilient small businesses and homesteads from scratch. Students of all ages and families learn through weekly collections of videos, worksheets, coloring pages, projects, activities, & critical thinking with teacher’s guides, recipes, plant focus, seed saving, & Q&A. www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

Episode 92: Neva Hassanien | University of Montana Environmental Studies (EVST) Program | Missoula, MT

I connected with Neva at the AERO Expo after hearing the EVST students sing her praises! Neva brought the EVST (environmental studies) students from the University of MT who are more of the amazing millennials who are making positive changes in our world today. Many of which are part of the Food Corps program. From the UMT EVST Sustainable Agriculture Emphasis home page:…