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Archive for January 2021

355. Garden Author | Pauline Pears | Leamington Spa, England

Read the unedited computer generated transcript here. Garden Organic Book of Compost Send Pauline Chilean Squash Recipe   JackieMarie Beyer Welcome to the Green Organic Garden Podcast. It is Friday, December 4th, 2020. We are doing season three. So it’s probably January, 2021. When you hear this, I have an amazing guest on the line.…

Bonus Grow Live with Patti and Jackie #3 | Friending the Beneficial Insects and Unfriending the Bugs and Pests

Patti Drops golden seeds galore in this episode you won’t want to miss! Next week we are talking about making a seed planting plan! Ask your questions here: Support Us on Patreon: Watch and subscribe to Patti’s YouTube Channel and see the episode #1 on seed shopping here:

Climate Action Challenge – 90 Days till Earth Day | Happy Election Day 2021 | Amanda Gorman Rocks the Poetic Mic

If you didn’t hear Amanda Gorman rock the mic at Joe Biden’s ceremony it’s a must listen: If you are interested in doing something for the planet for Earth Day 2021 today is the day to start building your team, and reading Joan’s book is a short but great way to start. It took…