How to grow Organic Heirloom Garlic | Garlic Sale | Good Seed Company | Robin Kelson

Good Seed Co Montana Giant Garlic

This is Robin Kelson from because the Good Seed CoGood Seed Co. We sell seeds locally the adapted for our area,
all open pollinated
all organic
ecologically farmed
also offer seed collections, flower collections good for pollinators, medicinal, culinary herbs, all sorts of seeds that would be of interest to new or collections gardeners…we’re having a sale on garlic or greens for fall…if you are experienced!

151. Golden Seeds | Basia Dominas | Boston, MA

golden seeds by Basia in Sunflowers

Basia Dominas is a member of the Organic Gardner Podcast Facebook group and does she drop some Golden Seeds today!!! I know this is going to be one of the most inspiring interviews I have done! So if you’re listening Basia and I just jumped right in and I thought it was all gold so I kept the skype call ring and everything… silly me, sometimes I can get a little carried away with not wanting to leave anything out! Hope you enjoy something a little different! My name is Basia Dominas pronounced Basha … I’m a biology student at UMASS Boston, I basically have a victory garden, it’s just 25 by 75 feet I cover the entire space with flowers and vegetables! I do not have a business because it’s just too small, I’m too busy and my boyfriend works at a hospital and so we can’t put enough time into the garden to sell any of it. I just grow it for fun! We have a lot of vegetables that we consume and that we give to neighbors and family. We don’t have a business make a profit off of it! I just do it love!!!

150. Regenerative Agriculture Advocate | Board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute | Elizabeth Kucinich

Elizabeth Kucinich Regenerative Agriculture

Elizabeth Kucinich – Professor. Consultant. Producer. Regenerative Agriculture Advocate. Champion for Peace, Animals & the Environment – Board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute – shares her journey to the United States, her work for social justice, monetization reform and the NEED Act (National Emergency Employment Defense Act), her work as a film producer, animal rights, a nutritious Vegan diet, sustainable agriculture and using regenerative organic practices to help reverse climate change effects by sequestering carbon through photosynthesis and simple crop rotation practices. You won’t want to miss this one inspiration in every sentence! learn more at