Be My Guest

It’s the guests on my show that make it a success. When I started my podcast I had a brown thumb and now I feel confident I could feed a classroom full of kids if it came down to it. But mostly my husband mike does the gardening and I do the podcasting. It’s an honor to be the host and I thank you for sharing your journey.

I am always looking for guests. If you follow earth friendly practices and you want to share your garden journey with my listeners please book a spot right here! You can see a copy of the questions here but my listeners are always interested in a variety of guests and how to cook the food we grow in our gardens too!

I work full time so my interview times are limited. Right now I have Fridays and Saturday mornings for interviews. If you need another time you can always reach out to me at and we can figure something out.

Here’s the link to the calendar to schedule a call at your own convenience.


For Questions