Free Garden are so excited about Free Organic Garden Course! We have been working on this for over an entire year! Started December 20, 2017 and now we are excited to share with you! 

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You can watch the videos for Lesson One Creating Your Own Healthy Soil

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and here’s the Green Future Grower Challenge because

Food waste that is thrown in the landfill, doesn’t decompose the same way it does in the compost pile. In a landfill, it is compacted in a closed environment and releases methane gas into the atmosphere, in a compost pile it decomposes in an aerobic environment decreasing the release of harmful green house gases. So even if you aren’t a gardener it’s important to keep your food waste out of the landfill.

Can you recycle your neighbor’s scraps?


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I know it’s good when Mike’s reading it!

You can meet the Organic Gardener Podcast Avatar Jenny:

Jenny is a Green Future Grower, a Rockstar Millennial, a Passionate Environmentalist and the person I think of whenever I make a decision for the Organic Gardener Podcast. This book is for you Jenny and all the other gardeners out there who want to know what I would tell Jenny as we shared a cup of tea in her neighborhood garden yard.

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