350. Maximize Your Photosynthesis | Daniel Mays | Frith Farm | Maine

Read the unedited computer generated AI Transcription here. Order Daniel’s book and write him a 5star review while supporting the OGP here: Here’s my interview with Daniel Mays on January 1st from Frith Farm. Frith,I want to say is the English word for friend? Oh my goodness. This man drops golden seeds. He just wrote The No-Till…

replay of 218. Organic Mosquito Control | Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company| Brandi Stupica | Alma, Michigan

Brown Bread Mozzie Mosquito Control Kit

Well, since it’s mosquito season I thought I would replay my interview with Rockstar Millennial Brandi Stupica. I am super excited to introduce a forward thinking entrepreneurial visionary who is here to tell us about a problem that you have probably had or know someone who has had from the Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company. www.orgaincgardenerpodcast.com

29. Peter Jordan | Seed Haven | Ontario, Canada

Tell us a little about yourself. Peter is a retired chemical engineer from the hi-tech software sector. He’s been gardening for about 30 years, until about 3 years ago had only perennials in gardens. He has 10 different gardens now spread out across several acres. Peter developed a custom software irrigation system to manage the diverse eco-climates that accounts…