replay of 89: Claudia’s Mesa | Cooking Local Lentils & Pulses, Meats and Vegetables | Bozeman, MT

Claudia's Mesa Lentil Cooking

Claudia is a Colombian-born, Montana chef and home decorator. Claudia’s approach to food and decor is a mash-up of global inspirations using Montana-grown and -raised products, and creations from local, talented artisans. She cooks, teaches, and produces condiments and seasonings out of her colorful business, Claudia’s Mesa, which brings a slice of Latin America, the Caribbean and Mediterranean to Montana You can schedule a Mesa dinner, sign up for a class, buy her seasonings and condiments, find recipes, and read about her new creations at Claudia’s Mesa.

Growing Organic Tomatoes Tip | AERO correction | Sound Problems

Kathi O'Leary Garlic Field

Correction to Interview with Naomi from Moxie Farms about AERO Expo interview this year. Sound problems and finally, while listening to Kathi’s replay I heard her share this great tomato growing tip and I know someone in the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Community just asked a with question about this the other day! Someone who just moved to Montana or a colder climate… I had forgotten about this tip:

“Another tip from a Mennonite farmer out of Bonner’s Ferry that has to do with tomatoes, in this climate it’s challenging to get ripe tomatoes on the vine, but if you stop watering in August it kind of forces the tomatoes to. Would cut back a little, and then by mid August pretty much stop.”

replay of Episode 74: AEROMT Alternative Energy Resource Organization | Jennifer Hill-Hart | Helena, MT

farm tour Jennifer Hill heart

replay of Episode 74: AEROMT | Jennifer Hill-Hart | Helena, MT AERO is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to solutions that promote resource conservation and local economic vitality. AERO nurtures individual and community self reliance through programs that support sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and environmental quality.

replay of episode 58. Laura Behenna | Native Montanan, 30+ years of gardening & assistant at AERO Promoting Organic Agriculture. | Kalispell, MT

Laura Behenna AERO and Organic Agriculture

Laura Behenna shares her gardening expereience. I feel like even after 30 years of growing gardens I’ve just barely scratched the surface. I grew up here in Kalispell from the time I was an infant, I attended the University of Montana and got a degree in print journalism, I also worked in the non-profit sector. One of those non-profit jobs was for an organization in Helena called AERO – Alternative Energy Resources Organization

replay of episode 84: 2015 AERO Expo Annual Meeting | Linking People, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy | Arrowpeak Lodge, MT

AERO Expo 2015 entrance

Replay of episode 84: 2015 AERO Expo: Here are my biggest take aways from this weekends amazing workshops and gathering of like minded souls in Montana’s beautiful fall weather!

AERO stands for Alternative Energy Resource Organization but AEROMT is so much more then that. Their tag line: Linking People, Sustainable Agriculture, and Energy Solutions since 1974 says it best!