222. Abe’s Acres | Gabe Sicliano | Growing for Market | Hightstown, NJ

Abe's Acres Gabe Siciliano

Here’s the RAW Version for the most part. Sorry about the typing, I really notice it. I hadn’t figured out how to split the tracks yet recording with zoom this but I’m still having sound problems??? Episode 222? 240? STRANGE…. Gabe Sciliano from Abe’s Acres shares his market farming journey including his first year and dreams to plant 9 acres eventually. www.orgaincgardenerpodcast.com

replay of 26: fruit tree pruning | Simply Trees | Russ Metge | Salt Lake City, UT

This was my first interview with the awesome Russ Metge who is always so generous with his knowledge of fruit tree care and pruning back on Mar 25, 2015. Russ Metge from Simply Trees is here to share his journey as a business owner where he does’t just prune trees but also educates his clients on the importance of proper fruit tree pruning in Salt Lake City, UT. www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

Replay 142. Cruelty Free Living and Organic Farmer | Seaview Cottage | Kim Romeril | Dunedin, New Zealand

Sophie Piglet

My interview with Kim was originally published May 30, 2016 but has consistently been downloaded and since we seem to be talking a lot about cruelty free living these days I thought I would replay it for new listeners and others to enjoy again! From Townie to Organic Farmer – Transitioning from Urban to Rural Lifestyle! From the other side of the world in New Zealand meet Kim Romeril from the Seaview Cottage! Read more about cruelty free living at www.organicgardenerpodcast.com