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253. No-Till Farming ~ Nutrient Rich Soil Health Expert| Steve Szudera | BEACH, N.D.

Soil Health Expert Steve Szudera from North Dakota shares his vision to teach others about the benefits of Endomycorrhizal fungi using no-till practices.

160. Agritrue | Fertilizer for Less | Blake Akers | Alabama

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Agritrue logo

I’m excited to introduce this guest who is one of those forward thinking entrepreneurial visionaries I love. He’s going to talk us about his new venture Agritrue and Fertilizer For Less!

17: Jon Moore | World Organic News | no-dig gardening method | Australia

Jon Moore brings us his expertise and knowledge of the amazing “no-dig” process of natural gardening. You won’t want to miss this episode about the one straw revolution! Jon also hosts the Organic World News website where he compiles the most current and relevant information on organic agriculture being published at this time. His site is full of valuable gardening knowledge and know how! The search box is amazing! Check it out today! Read more at