AERO expo | October 7-9, 2016 | Pamela Lund | Kalispell, MT

What WE Need Is Here AERO expo 2016

Today we are going to hear from Pamela Lund about this years upcoming AERO Alternative Energy Resources Organization expo. I am going to play many of the episodes from guests who I connected with at last year’s expo outside of Great Falls. I just released an episode with Naomi from Moxie Farms in a great episode who I am sure will be at this year’s Expo! And you aren’t might slept want o come to want Montana because there will be lots of amazing gardeners there as well! If you would like to come Glacier National Park’s last day for Going-To-The-Sun Road to be open could be as late as October 16th! Or maybe you’re interested in starting your own similar organization in your state!

Last years guests include

84: AERO Expo Annual Meeting | Linking People, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy | Arrowpeak Lodge, MT

58. Laura Behenna | Native Montanan, 30+ years of gardening & assistant at AERO Promoting Organic Agriculture. | Kalispell, MT

74:  AEROMT | Jennifer Hill-Hart | Helena, MT

77. Organic Kamut® Wheat | Bob Quinn | Quinn Organic Farm | Big Sandy, MT

86. Patti Armbrister | Garden and Agriculture Educator Extraordinaire Changing how our schools eat one cafeteria at a time | Hinsdale, MT

87: Rosie Goldich | Opportunity Link and Abundant Montana’s Local Food Website | Havre, MT

89: Claudia’s Mesa | Cooking Local Lentils & Pulses, Meats and Vegetables | Bozeman, MT

Episode 92: Neva Hassanien | University of Montana Environmental Studies (EVST) Program |  Missoula, MT

93. Dayna Reggero | Climate Listening Project | NY, NY

95: Growing Micro Greens | Sarah Harding | Buggy Road Farm | Whitefish, MT

97. Missoula Urban Demonstration Project | Ellie Costello | Missoula, MT

98. Ed Evanson | Cottage Foods Bill | Helena, MT

103. Lentil Underground | Liz Carlisle | Berkley, CA

104. Jacob Cowgill | Prairie Heritage Farm | Power, MT

118: Building Community through Volunteers | Purple Frog Gardens | Pam Gerwe | Whitefish, MT

122: Pamela Lund | Planet B Harvest | Sunflower Greens and Pea Shoots | Kila, MT

The Expo is an amazing conference you won’t want to miss. This year it is being held in Kalispell at the Red Lion Inn • Friday thru Sunday • October 7-9, 2016.

AERO expo 2016

A quick intro AERO

Hey Jackie! Good morning! Thanks for having me on again! I’m really excited about the upcoming AERO conference  coming up coming up October 7-9th here in Kalispell, MT

I wanted to talk about our  AERO Alternative Energy Resources Organization here in Montana For more info and registration info…  for latest info and registration information!

What We Need Is Here Poster

This year we are going to be doing a theme which is a line from a Wendell Berry Poem

“What We Need Is Here”

 that is a line from a Wendell Berry poem

Wild Geese

And the idea is that we need for developing a resilient Montana and of course this applies to the modern community across the country and the world, is right here! Everything we need to have

  • the imagination!
  • the talent!
  • the resources!

to create the world we want

so the themes of the conference for this October will be:

  • Alternative Currencies and local Economic Resilience

including topics like

  • barter
  • time banks
  • slow money
  • Protecting the Land in a Changing Climate:


  • Smart Growth
  • Rethinking Property

such as 

  • Affordable Housing
  • Agriculture 
  • Contributing to  the Community Good
  • Being Good Stewards of the Land
  • Saving Seeds

Fresh Forces for Energy Change 


  • Renewable Energy
  • Cooperatives

the Art of Sustainability

kind of a round-table set of discussions, community conversations with makers locally here

We will also have tours

Lower Valley Farm Tour

Mandy Gerth – Lower Valley Farm Tour 2015

Lower Valley Farms

Lower Valley Farm Facebook Page


Purple Frog Gardens Whitefish, MT

Purple Frog Gardens

FVCC Integrated Ag & Food Systems

The Flathead Valley BrewingThe Flathead Valley Brewing and Ag Sciences Tour 

Flathead Valley Community College

Topics such as:

  • Cider pressing
  • Blacksmithing

and some others’ we are in the process of confirming! Super excited about that. 

The Berry Center

Most exciting we have our keynote speaker, Mary Berry, who is the executive director for the Berry Center in Kentucky which advocates for

  • farmers,
  • land-conserving communities and
  • healthy regional economies

she is also daughter of the Author and Environmental Advocate Wendell Berry.

Climate Smart Action Glacier County

Our opening Keynote is Stephen Thompson from Climate Smart Glacier CountyClimate Smart Glacier CountyClimate Smart Glacier County

who Wendell about emerging impacts in our region associated with climate change and preparing to interact with new environmental challenges and preparing local solutions.

So we are definitely chock full of great speakers and best of all we are going to have lots of participants from the local community. Lots of folks to talk with about educate how to to create a local economy that is resilient how and hopefully if you are in the Montana are to join us! If not check out to see if there is something sustainable in your area. 

Wow a lot of things going on and a lot of people have talked about averrable Berry  on my show and so having his daughter and his quote be the theme is perfect! I went to the AERO expo last year and met so many cool people and I was like how Wendell this been around all these years and I never knew of it. If you want to be in a room of people that you feel has like are your peeps, if you listen to my show and you ever wanted to come to Montana, I’m pretty sure NGP is open to. you never know when Going to the Sun Road closes but parts of the park will will be open if you want to meet people who are looking to change the world, will thinking, stewards of our planet this forward be full of them.

Pam, Robin, and I Save the Seeds Event

I remember when we went to the Save the Seeds even Cider Pressing was popular so I am sure it will be again!

So where is it at?

at the Red Lion inn in Kalispell

all the details

if you want to stay at the Red Lion Inn, discount for conference attendees! We’re working on also having for folks who may not be able to afford, if they are not local and stay, we’re working on Home stays etc, so well definitely reach out to folks on the AEROmt.

That’s great cause last year I with slept in my tent, there were lots of campers, not that slept there local places to camp. It will be nice to have camping or homes…

It obviously depends on the weather, you never know that we could have snow or it could be lovely here in Montana!

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