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Welcome to Free Organic Garden Course!

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Free Garden Course is not just designed to help you build a garden of fresh food but it’s designed to help you care for our planet and design an organic oasis you’ll love to visit every chance you can using the most efficient techniques available today saving you time and money!

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Mike’s the Gardener and I’m Jackie Marie Beyer the host of the Organic Gardener Podcast


For 3 years now I’ve been interviewing gardeners and market farmers and nutrition and sustainable agriculture experts from around the world learning the best techniques to grow the most nutritious food in the easiest manner and now we’ve brought these secrets to you!

Mike’s Green Garden Mini Farm

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Free Organic Garden Course

Join us to learn how to create an earth friendly landscape, some deep garden beds full of nutrient rich healthy food or perhaps even develop a natural market farm. There’s 12 monthly lessons that you can start at your own pace any time of year and get something health growing today!

Monthly Lessons

Here are the lessons to help you create your very own organic oasis. We’ll guide you through the steps to build your perfect natural landscape, and edible earth-friendly yard, a sustainable deep bed garden or even start a small profitable market farm.

We’ll show you how to save time, lower your produce bill, collect usable data, and eat healthy nutritious food with minimal labor using the most effective and efficient production methods currently being used in backyard gardens as well as market farms and even find profitable markets.

  • save time
  • lower your produce bill
  • collect usable data
  • eat healthy nutritious food for pennies
  • find the most effective and efficient production techniques
  • find profitable markets if you choose


There’s checklists, outside reading and video assignments, a private Facebook group to join and help all along the way.

Home grown food with fresh herbs in the middle of winter ~ "It's all about the taste"

Lesson One Building Healthy Soil begins here.

Building healthy soil is the key ingredient to growing nutrient dense tasty food. You can start immediately to build compost for your beds the best richest black gold you can get, but we’ll also discuss natural manures.

Lesson Two – Let’s Get Growing – Define Your Garden Goal

Plant an herb.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is you can start to plant an herb. What herbs do you use? What do you like to cook? The place to start your garden is to think about what do you use, buy, and want to grow.

Define your garden goals.

What’s your garden goal? Do you want to create an earth friendly landscape, grow some fresh tasting vegetables, or lower your produce bill or dream of becoming a flower farmer? It all starts somewhere. I think it starts in your fridge. What do you eat? What do you cook?

Lesson Three – Building Relationships

Start talking to everyone. Your neighbors, the produce guy, people at the farmer’s market, your local health food store, even your favorite chefs. Become an expert in local food consumption. Learn everything you can about what grows well, what do you like to eat most and who produces or prepares it, and what’s the most challenging food for your climate.

Lesson Four – Design your Organic Oasis: Earth Friendly landscape, Nutrient Dense Garden Beds, or Natural Market Farm

Once you know what you want to grow here are some things to think about while you design your Oasis. Whether it’s an Earth Friendly landscape full of healthy natural grass your children and pets feel comfortable playing on, deep beds for a productive backyard garden full of nutrient dense vegetables or  an expansive mini-farm that feeds your local community well help you understand some of the basic things you need to consider. Root vegetables vs above ground plants, annuals, perennials, and biennials, and design elements that will help you be super  successful!

Lesson Five – Prepare your beds

Once you know where you’re gonna plant what, you’ve got to fill those beds with the best dirt you can get your hands on. How much dirt you have access to is going to be your biggest factor but even if your just starting with a cherry tomato plant we’ll help guide you through the basic design process.

Lesson Six – Plant your seeds

The most important part of planting seeds or transplants is when do you harvest! Then count backwards!

Lesson Seven – Fruit Trees, bushes, plants and shrubs food that keeps giving back year after year

Lesson Eight – Transplant starts

Lesson Nine – Weed and Mulch

Lesson Ten – Water

Lesson Eleven – Harvest • Process • Store • Share

Lesson Twelve  – Cook and Enjoy • Featured Garden Recipes

About the author, Jackie Marie

I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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