2020 Garden Goals Challenge Bonus RAW Episode | Making Your Dreams Come True Inspiration and Garden Rant

Haha! IDK what to really call this episode. TMI? Inspiration? RAW me? But if you’re new to the show Jackie Marie Beyer the host is also an artist. And I am working (like for over 25 years now…) on a book called Dreams Do Come True and another on traveling around Paris. Something I dreamed about forever and really never thought would happen. I have led an amazing life. I have had basically all of my dreams come true and have felt that way since the very first step I took into Mikes kitchen all those years ago back in 1992! I knew I was home. I wanted to move to Montana since I was in 3rd grade and have been here since I was 21. How many people meet their husband on a mountain side? It hasn’t always been easy, I have had more then my fair share of challenges, and I’ve been a member of the working poor for most of my adult life. But I’ve also had amazing experiences and when I got to go to Paris in 2016 I basically kicked my bucket list. Mike and I never thought we’d dig a well, but we did in 2013 after selling a small investment property we bought when I was teaching on the east side and he improved. And so my rant today is just me reaching out to you and encouraging you to believe you can do anything you really set your mind to. And let me know if I can do anything for you. 2013 was the summer I smiled! 2020 has already started out so good I am positive it will be the year I smiled!

Here’s to an awesome new Decade everyone!

You are more then welcome to email me at OrganicGardenerPodcast@gmail.com and I will answer as soon as possible. Or you can post in the Organic Gardener Facebook Group or message me or Mike on Facebook.

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About the author, Jackie Marie

I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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