2020 GREEN Organic Gardener Podcast Challenge Day 5 | Get Organized

2020 Garden Goals Challenge

Do you want to save time in your garden?

Do you want to grow a garden full of healthy vegetables but feel you don’t have time? Do you struggle to get all the weeds pulled and watering done in the heat of summer when your friends are all headed to the lake? Are you tired of paying the high cost of organic vegetables in the store but struggle to grow your own?

Well, our 2020 Garden Goals Challenge will help you find success in your garden journey!


Day One – Brainstorm – No Dream is Too Big

Day Two – Make A Plan

Day Three – Create a SMART Goal

Day Four – Research Time

Day Five – Get Organized

Day Six – Photo Time – the Before shot

Day Seven – Reflect

Day Eight – Visualize


DAY 5 Get ORGANIZED: What do you need to do first?

For me this is the fun part. Making a list of things to do.

If your goal is to build a deep bed, do you know what materials you’re going to choose? Where you’re going to get your soil to fill it? What you’re going to put in there? Seeds? Starts? Transplants? Where will you get them and when do they go in the ground?

If your goal is to create a water feature for bees what’s it going to be made out of? Where will it go? How will you access water? What can they stand on while they’re drinking so they don’t drown?

If your goal is to plant an orchard have you picked out your fruit trees? Do you need fencing? If so how much? Will you need a post hole digger? Where will you get your fence posts?If your goal is to plant an herb garden do you have list of herbs you want to get? Do they need full sun or shade? Do they stay out all year or do you need to keep them in pots so you can bring them in during the winter?

Make a list of all the things you will need to purchase or gather and do for each step of your goal. Make sure you have an idea of how long each project will take.

This is a great place to promote our blank garden journal!


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Let’s take your list and start to define a strategy.

The first step is to organize and prioritize your goals. I like to start with the calendar and put my goals into chronological order.

A general guess for now is fine. We’ll get to the details down the line.

  • Which ones can you start now?
  • Which ones do you need to wait until the ground thaws?
  • Which ones do you need supplies for?
  • Which ones do you have to accomplish this year?

A secret I have learned about successful gardening is that you should start with your harvest date? When do you want to be done? If you’re working on a landscape when do you want to be able to enjoy it? If you are planting vegetables when would you be harvesting? Do you have a list of seeds you want plant?


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About the author, Jackie Marie

I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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