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DeerBusters Jennifer Smith is here to tell us how code “fences” can save us 10% when we solve one of the biggest garden challenges there is especially in 2020! 




Intro (2s):

Welcome to the Green Organic Garden Podcast. It is Friday, July 10, 2020. It’s my mom and dad’s anniversary. If my dad was still alive, I think he’d be married for probably 55 years, something like that. And I am excited because I have a guest who’s back in the line to talk to us about something that when I went to Free the Seeds of this year, do you number one out of 40 people? I talked to you. I think 36 of them said the biggest challenge they have for growing their garden is deer and keeping the critters out.



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Jackie Marie Beyer (39s):

And that’s certainly like something that people talk about a lot. So we have somebody here with a solution. I think she even has a 10% discount for GREEN organic garden podcast listeners. So I’m here from deer busters is Jennifer Smith. So welcome back, Jennifer.

Jennifer Smith (57s):

Thank you. It’s glad to be back.

Jackie Marie Beyer (60s):

Hey, did you know that I found this podcast? So I’m working for this podcaster and one of my jobs is to like find shows that he be really good guest on, and there’s actually a show that’s called. I think it’s Patient Zero. That’s all about Lyme disease.

Jennifer Smith (1m 16s): I have not heard of that.

Jackie Marie Beyer (1m 18s):

It was listed as Apple, one of Apple’s top podcasts in 2019. So I’m really curious to check it out because it has to be more than just basic science and stuff. Like I don’t know what it’s about, but anyway, we’re here to talk about what we can do to protect our gardens, that we work so hard to grow from the deer that are beautiful and lovely.

And I love to see deer in my yard. I just don’t want to see them eating my flowers and vegetables.


Mike built these little tents that worked for years back in the beginning. Look at that lawn, boy we’ve come a long way. But really in the beginning these two bed provided a lot of food.

Jennifer Smith (1m 42s):

There are graceful animals. We love them. It’s a love, hate relationship rally, and there are beautiful from afar, but the minute they start eating our plants, AKA our hard work. Then we don’t like them so much and we need to humanely get rid of Bambi and his friends and I have the solution to make it happen. So what I recommend is growers need to look into installing an deer offense.

Jennifer Smith (2m 16s):

It is the most reliable means for deer management

But then they got serious.

We have over 260′ of fence around the house and another 260′ around the minifarm. It’s essential!

But there are a number of factors to consider such as other animals that are destroying the garden. As well as height requirements. We, we have experienced a lot of changes this year, being the dreadful 2020 that we know of with COVID-19. COVID-19 has also made

changes in deer movement. And so we need to discuss that for, for the spring.


Jennifer Smith (2m 48s):

We know that stay at home orders. It was great that gardening allowed us as home growers to be able to do what we love outside and enjoy the, the warmer air that we, that we were wishing for in the winter time. But now we have to worry about the deer that were traveling onto our landscapes. They were destroying our plants because they were fearless of human encounters. So the deer in the spring, they were,


Hey, lost you…

Because of COVID-19 deer became fearless, traveling on to lawns and gardens in search of food.

Jennifer Smith (4m 3s):

They knew that they weren’t going to see any humans at all. So they would do this and they would continue to do this moving into the summertime as we know. And so we have a problem. We have a problem that deer patterns have changed. They have not only traveled on to rural settings, but they’ve now traveled on to urban settings, which they typically tend to avoid. So what gardeners need to do now in the summertime moving into fall, they need to consider installing a deer fence.

Jennifer Smith (4m 39s):

Here are a few requirements for deer fencing.

  • Deer fencing is going to be seven and a half to eight feet tall for best results.
  • Deer have core vertical vision after seven feet. So seven and a half to eight foot tall is the sweet spot for deer fencing.

Furthermore, there are a couple of different types of deer fences. There are

  • plastic deer fences and
  • metal deer fences.

Plastic deer fences should be used for light to moderate deer pressure.

Jennifer Smith (5m 10s):

If the deer are more curious than anything, a plastic fence is going to be a great fit for deer control.

If the deer are more aggressive, they made sure dig, or maybe you have rabbits on your property or groundhogs or coyotes that shoe as well, and may be a detriment to the garden.

Consider a metal fence, either way plastic or metal deer fences will last about 20 to 30 years outside. And these are what you need for deer management in the summertime moving into fall.

Jennifer Smith (5m 46s):

It is critical for keeping out deer throughout the year.

And this is something that we need to consider following the COVID 19 orders.


Jackie Marie Beyer (6m 0s):

And I mean, especially where I live in Montana, it’s so essential.

I mean, it’s just so heartbreaking because you think you’re getting away with it. And then here comes August and dry summer. And then the next thing you know, the deer are just eating everything in sight that they haven’t touched in July and just I’ve had my heart broken several times.

Not that they wouldn’t sneak into the garden right now, if they could, but I’m telling you, once things really started to dry out in the grass and the woods starts to get, you’re going to find deer coming that you didn’t expect.

Jackie Marie Beyer (6m 32s):

And then yeah, moving into urban areas where they’ve never been before, right? It’s just the essential, I mean,

Jennifer Smith (6m 41s):

It is, unfortunately, and once you learn, you’ve had enough with the deer damage and getting on your fence is essential.

And it’s a way it’s a way to keep the peace with wildlife.

We’re saying that we know you have to eat, but it doesn’t have to be from our gardens, go somewhere else to find food.

Deer have plenty of food to eat in, in forest areas and other landscapes. It doesn’t have to be your garden.

I would consider looking into deer fencing this season.

Jackie Marie Beyer (7m 15s):

So do you want to talk a little bit about Lyme disease and why it’s not just protecting your garden vegetables, but it’s also kind of protecting you. Did we talk about that once before a little bit?

Jennifer Smith (7m 26s):

Lyme disease and White Tail Deer

If you’re aware of Lyme disease affects over 300,000 Americans each year, it is a debilitating disease that is caused from a tick bite ticks are usually on white tail deer and other wildlife, but notorious white tail deer. And when we allow white tail deer onto our properties, they tend to drop deer ticks onto the yard, which is a concern for homeowners, especially those with pets and even small children.

Jennifer Smith (8m 7s):

It can affect pets, dogs and cats, both. And it can also affect children of all ages and adults.

It is something that can be controlled, but it can only be controlled with the use of a deer fence.

Jackie Marie Beyer (8m 26s):

Yeah. I mean like you not want to get one to tease is not, is it, it’s a really bad thing. You’re going to be in the hospital and just, I had a friend in college that got it. So definitely not just little kids.


Yes you’re right.


So what else did you want to talk about? Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. You throw your train of thought off.


Jennifer Smith (8m 51s):

No, that’s fine. We could talk about deer moving into the fall. Just tips to look into. Okay.

Deer Velvet and Deer Rutting

So as we wind down summer, what’s going to happen in the fall with deer damage is this: Deer by the end of August, we’ll develop this thick dried velvet on their antlers. It is uncomfortable and it is unsightly.

Jennifer Smith (9m 22s):

It is very unattractive. So the box are going to try to remove this dried velvet from their antlers, by rubbing against trees. This is known as deer rutting and they do this in preparation for mating season in early September. So once the deer do rub up against the trees, they remove the cambium layer of the tree, which is where the nutrients flow throughout the whole foliage.

Jennifer Smith (9m 53s):

And this essentially ruins the tree, not just the look of it, but the tree’s growth. And so if we want to protect trees on our properties. We also need to get tree guards and a look into deer fencing as well. This is a year round problem, and a deer are desperate to eat moving into the fall season.

So they are going to turn to home gardens as well as trees for food and a relief from the dried velvet.

Jennifer Smith (10m 26s):

So these are things to consider moving into the fall season.

Jackie Marie Beyer (10m 31s):

We saw a giant buck one night who would like the velvet was just like coming off of his horns in the Moonlight. And it was just like one of the most amazing things I ever saw just dripping there. But part of the reason they’re doing it right then also is because they’re sharpening their antlers, right? Because they’re going to start fighting when they go into meetings season, like isn’t that some of it?

Mating Season

Jennifer Smith (10m 52s):

Deer become very aggressive and territorial. And so they are in fight mode. And so that is a, that is a good point. Especially hikers and campers. We may, we may be tempted to walk up to a deer and maybe snap a few pictures for, for, you know, Instagram, but we need to keep our distance. They are very territorial and they’re also when they rub up against trees, they’re also marking their territory.

Jennifer Smith (11m 22s):

And it’s a way of saying, this is where I am, do not go near me, do not go near my, my doe and my family essentially. So these are, these are all important and notes to consider in the fall season. For sure.

Jackie Marie Beyer (11m 37s):

So do you want to explain to listeners what a tree guard is and like that’s for like fruit trees or any kind of trees that you have in your lawn?

Tree Guards

Jennifer Smith (11m 45s):

A tree guard for those that don’t know is essentially a plastic wrap that you wrap around the base of young trees, typically young fruit trees. And this is to protect the base of the tree from any deer rubbing that will occur in the early fall season. It is a plastic polypropylene material that will last about 30 years outside.

Jennifer Smith (12m 19s):

Yeah. And just, you don’t want to have your little Bebe Apple trees or anything, or just any kind of trees. I mean, you want to be protecting them. So anything else that we haven’t mentioned today? No, I don’t think so. Cool. Well, this could just be a short little bonus episode for the listeners. Well, tell everybody how to find your website and how to get ahold of you because am I remembering right? Are you in Pennsylvania, but you ship everywhere.

Jennifer Smith (12m 50s):

Right? We do, yes were good like that. You can find a deer fence supplies on deer busters.com or locate in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. We ship nationwide for free. And if you want 10% off type in the word fences at checkout on deerbusters.com and save yourself some money while you’re getting deer fence.

Jackie Marie Beyer (13m 18s):

That was perfect. I can use that little clip for a promo right there. Woo Jennifer, thanks so much for coming back and sharing with my listeners about this super important topic and offering my listeners a discount because especially now that we’re pretty much all ordering, almost everything online. I can’t believe the things I’ve ended up having to order online. I was doing so good. Like March, April, may. I didn’t order anything. June and July. It’s just been one thing after you had another, I go to the store to buy something.

Jackie Marie Beyer (13m 48s):

They don’t have it. They didn’t have a pitch fork. They didn’t have chairs for my kitchen. I had to order those online and I got the nicest chairs. I got to say, I love him, but I never thought I’d be in,

Jennifer Smith (13m 58s):

Who would have thought that this would have come to this? Especially months later!

Jackie Marie Beyer (14m 2s):

I even went to target, but cheers brought them home and was just like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much I just paid for these chairs that I don’t even like and took them back the next day and was just like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I went all the way to a store and took all that and drove targets like 60 miles from my house. And like, I just, when I got home, I was like, Whoa, I wonder what they have online. And I couldn’t believe I was like, Oh my gosh, these are so much nicer. And like half the price and blah, blah, blah. And I don’t know. And then again, the Pitchfork thing, I went to three hardware stores in the fire ahead.


Jackie Marie Beyer (14m 32s):

End up here. No, no. They only had like one handled pitchforks and I wanted a short handled Pitchfork for the compost pile that I can just, I don’t know. That’s what we’ve always had. And just, yeah. It’s, it’s amazing. I don’t know. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing with us today and stay safe and have a great weekend.

Jennifer Smith (14m 56s):

Thank you. I appreciate it. Bye bye. Okay.

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