Back To The Classroom Schedule Change

Hi Everyone!!!!

So, I wanted to let everyone know that the schedule is going to change one more time back to one episode a week released on Mondays until about Valentines Day!

I agreed to fill in for a teacher at my local school who was having a baby this year. It was supposed to start after Thanksgiving and I thought I would have a bank of episodes set up to get me through because people have been signing up now that harvests are basically over and gardens are getting cleaned up but unfortunately I had to cancel several interviews because she ended up having a healthy little girl a month early! And I did find myself back in the classroom this week having lots of fun with a class of wonderful 1st and 2nd grade students!

I think I can still keep putting out one episode a week while I do this job, at least I will do my very best. I didn’t expect to be creating lesson plans etc but things are always a surprise so that is going to take a lot of focus!

I have a wonderful guest scheduled for tomorrow November 23rd I know you are going to enjoy! Someone I’ve been trying to get on the show since the beginning!

I do want to encourage everyone to please visit our website, the Organic Gardener Podcast .com because I just got a new site redesign I was saving for episode 100! I hope all of the links are working and you enjoy the new look. We are breaking record numbers of downloads each day and apparently this show is quite popular! I even started teaching a podcasting class this month before I found out about the maternity leave starting! Please sign up for our email and you will get updates delivered directly to you plus I will be starting a Facebook group after the new year that will be fun and full of valuable gardening tips as well as a place to connect with other listeners and trade gardening challenges and successes!!

I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing audience! It fills my heart to meet so many people who think like I do and love to hear from you! Have a wonderful holiday I hope you have as much to give thanks for as I do!

About the author, Jackie Marie

I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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