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Bonus podcasting chat…

Tom and I talked a lot about podcasting if you’d like to hear our bonus chat here!

I started Small Scale Gardening in 2014, I started Small Scale Life in 2015. I thought this time I’d like to have a podcast, get more youtube videos up. Last year was a real tipping point for things. I started this Small Scale Life thing and put all these elements together. Not that Small Scale Gardening is bad, but there’s just a lot of things happening so that’s kind of we started podcasting in January 1, I had some experience doing other things outside of what I’ve been doing, and some other side projects I’ve been working on…

I know you’re gonna be dropping “Golden Seeds” all over the place so listeners don’t miss any of it… and since I was on the phone with Apple, I have not had time to go on your website as much as I would… I don’t know if it’s interview based or topic based… it’s really easy to edit… I do just read a disclaimer and then we’ll go from there…

I really like that disclaimer I think that’s smart.

I have read it to almost everybody pretty much except for about 2 guests who I knew really well and pretty much begged to come on, and then this woman who just recently just published a book and she said that’s great except for commercial reasons… IDK what that means, I guess I’ll ask her down the road if I ever need to? It’s funny because the podcasting people they’re big thing is getting people to share it, getting it on the circuit, people ask if they have said it… I’m the opposite because I never feel like my show notes are sharp enough and I think I’m gonna get them fixed… and sometimes I don’t get that done …

What podcasts do you listen to?

That’s a great question.

I really like Permaculture Voices by Diego Footer.. .interviews a lot of people. Curtis Stone, and Nick Ferguson…. Joel Salatin on there. It’s about gardening, business, sustainability, that kind of thing…

I like listening to Curtis Stone, Jack Spirko, sometimes I’ll listen to the radio… I’m always looking for good content and good information. Hey I even started listening to yours!

You did? Awww…. thanks… cool?! Did you hear that bell? 

I thought it was my phone… I’m still worried about Apple… I didn’t even get to back up my computer… I was worried I just went to Podmastery but I figure those pictures on my phone…

I haven’t been to any of those podcasting type meetups, I’m not in the circuit or part of those groups… I know there are some garden bloggers trying to meet locally… I haven’t been to anything like that I think it would be fun!

Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas Podcaster's ParadiseSo, it’s so weird because, when I went to college way back in the late 80s, I was an art major and you probably couldn’t have got me to go into a business building, take a business class for the life of me, and for the last 3 years I am addicted to buisness podcasts… I feel like from listening to business podcasts I feel like I practiclalyy have an MBA in Business, how much of that am I putting into practice… 

So the guy I listen to John Lee Dumas who has a show called Entrepreneur on Fire, he has a daily show, it’s 25 minutes… he asks the same questions of all his guests, some people call it the cookie cutter version but it’s perfect for me, I get to hear a new person… IDK, it works for me… he’s on episode like 1280 and I have missed like 8 of them…. I try to listen to other people… but he has a huge audience so he obviously has a hit show! Then if you want to more, a lot of his guests are on other shows or you can go to their websites, IDK his show works for me, speaks to me… and then after he started… people started asking him about podcasting, how’s he monetizing his podcast and he ended up starting Podcaster’s Paradise... I’m so glad I got in when I did, because the price has just grown and grown and grown and now it’s really expensive…. but 

skype just does that… IDK where I was talking…

You were talking about Michael O’Neal

Podmastery John Lee Dumas

Michael O’Neal and John Lee Dumas my view from the hot seat!!! My knees were shaking so it might be a little blurry;)

… (so I guess Tom heard me but it didn’t record… I must have been talking about my recent experience at Podmastery) … So they offered a one day workshop and you went for the whole day,  and you got to sit in the hot seat for 20 minutes, and they limited to 15 people, and they had a training in the morning and afterwards and we all got to sit in the hot seat! IT was so worth it To ME…. I’m more likely to go to a gardening workshop…. I really like gardening workshops. It was worth it to me because they said “You have a hit show!” and so even though my numbers might not be … you never know because numbers can be subjective… JLD always says as long as you’re showing 10% growth… if you’re not showing 10% growth you need to pivot and I’ve had consistent 20% growth since I launched…

I listen to Michael Hyatt … and Jeff Goins

Platform Get Noticed in A Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

That’s so funny! I love Michael Hyatt that’s how I found John Lee Dumas…

and Jeff Goins… writer in Nashville advertising he was kind of miserable and pivoted to writing his own books, and he has a 6 figure income after writing his own books this is like 3-4 years down the road…

School of Greatness Lewis HowesI also listen to the School of Greatness Guy…

Yeah! Lewis Howes!  I joined SOGA too, the School of Greatness Academy! I learned a lot from Lewis Howes too! 

I’m just googling Jeff Goins… 

That whole Nashville thing… Dan Miller

John Suscovich… he interviews gardeners and things… it’s interesting to talk to him about stuff… I do a lot of time driving.

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time driving… dishes, laundry… and when I first started I thought would people really listen while they’re gardening… I’ve been finiding it helps me when I’m down there, but then I find that I get inspired and am like I have to get to my computer….

Where we are I find the wifi is pretty good! I can post stuff from back there… but Idk where we’re gonna find land and I might not be able to get

I told my husband the other day, I went to play tennis, do you think I can make it through 2 sets without picking up my phone…and of course I didn’t

My wife is the same way, we were at a wine tasting and she was laughing at me… I’m gonna drink this…  you better take a picture…

I listen to this guy Ray Higdon and he was like if you go to a conference and you don’t share your notes that’s like you’re throwing away checks in the trash… His course is ILT- Invest Learn Teach – the 3 Minute Expert and invest in yourself, learn something new, he says people always invest, and learn, but they miss the TEACH part…

Should we introduce introduce you to the audience?

It’s been so fun so far!

That’s like the best part of podcasting! I nailed my avatar!  It’s so fun to connect!

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