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I feel like I haven’t explained exactly what is the big difference between the Free Garden Course itself and the 2019 Challenge that is worth $37.00?

So the Challenge will officially start Monday, I want to give Progressive Radio Network listeners one more time to explain exactly what the challenge is enough.

And really there is not that much! EXCEPT when you complete the 2019 OGP Challenge

One if you live in the United States and you sign up for the challenge and you are one of the first 25 people, you will get a hard copy of the book and a hard copy of the garden journal delivered to you!

Free Organic Garden Course the Workbook

When Mike reads it I know it’s good!

And it keeps the checklists all together.



Remember you can get the  2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper to record your garden goals in our

You can  download the first 30 days here   while you’re waiting for it to come in the mail. 


Free Garden Course Workbook


Garden Journal

And the bonus journal will allow you to write in all year!

First I will make a case for learning something with an instructor versus studying on your own. When I learned to play the guitar, my growth accelerated at a rapid pace when I started to take lessons overnight compared to the first couple of years I just tried to figure it out on my own. When you want to learn a foreign language, a new fitness regime or yoga, it’s often beneficial to do it with a teacher in a class.

I know there are some listeners who would benefit from this awesome opportunity. And bonus you get access to both me and Mike!

So I modeled the class after a grad school class I took online and what I loved about that was reading the other people’s papers and having to comment on each other’s work and I feel like that helped me more then anything so getting to be in the private Facebook group with other students enables you to learn from others.

That way you wouldn’t have to listen to maybe all 12 lessons. Learning in a more academic environment. Granted I recorded the videos, I put some extra pictures in, I will have some extra recordings, as we move into March and April we will get some things growing here that I will share. You can watch the videos, read the content on the website and download the checklists. I feel like it’s a lot of content to get through.

Everyone will be growing an herb. I share my pictures of herbs. At least a plant but I feel like every organic oasis should have herbs in the landscape. I really feel this passionately. They are so good for the environment even if you don’t eat them!

Part of  it is making sure you feel confident you will build your own organic oasis this season. Get it started and has all the essential components.

My listeners say they struggle with time and design. And they want to know how to get more vegetables from their beds and the time and space and energy they put into it and how to bring in more pollinators? Bugs and pests are questions a lot of people ask me a lot.

And a lot of my guests talk a lot about having a healthy ecosystem, developing an entire oasis there! You’re flowers are there to bring in pollinators, they will bring diversity to your yard. I think there are

I use the Search bar at Organic Gardener Podcast a lot. If I get a question I go there first if I remember a guest talking about it and then I research other sites. Or I’ll ask in the Facebook group. Tying that information in. Amazon gives me a little discount for some promotional books. So I can send a few out to the U.S.

The other thing we are going to do for Progressive Radio Network listeners and Green Future Growers is we’re going to garden with a friend. If you want to bring a friend! We will give you two log ins to the Private Secret Facebook Group. And you will each get a certificate. (Only one hardcopy of the workbook will be sent but both members get a digital pdf copy.

One of these things I saw the other day was gardening with a friend. So two people would get in! I know Carolyn is going to bring a friend I think and if you already joined you can also bring a friend! You will get an email from me.

The syllabus includes additional reading and podcasts to listen to so you will go more in depth learning about soil health and pollinators.

Mike keeps asking me, if it’s a free course how come it’s a $37.00 challenge? I think it’s like the Green Smoothie Girls who did a 30 days challenge for $47.00? So it’s a lot of material to cover and if the challenge is a good fit for you and you want to get a certificate that shows you completed this informative course.

Join the challenge here

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Free Garden


 Free Organic Garden Course 

Organic Gardening Podcast Group

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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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