Natural Rodent Repellent for your Garden and Eureka Farmer’s Market Garden Photo Contest

Eureka Farmer's Market Photo Contest

Naomi Wheat is here to tell us about our Local Eureka Garden Photo Contest

Eureka Garden Photo Contest

Some of the prizes are:

  • $100 gift certificate for Farmer’s Market
  • The hardware store…. cool gardening tools and buckets, decorations etc.
  • Gift certificates to nurseries!!!

People were excited

Just need to email the picture

needs to be an original picture

EurekaFarmer'sMarketI am the Market Manager for the Eureka Farmer’s Market, started last year and I took it over this year. It’s just a blast and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my summer.

Executive Director at the Chamber, supervising the visitor center during the week

now I’m the facility director at the CAC

I am learning to garden, I grew up, my dad was a big gardener, but I never really took the time to learn about what needed to be done… I know weeding and watering and when to plant, and it’s a lot more work then I thought! especially going organic and using different recipes for different pests!

You need to start listening to the Ogg on a regular basis! 

My husband and I were listening last night, and my husband as like this is AMAZING! and I was like I told you about this when I learned about it on my ski trip last winter!

I know it’s because of my guests! We have all learned a ton! And how much info they’re shared with everyone and we’re all trying to save the planet a little bit more and trying to combat those weeds etc!

It was funny the other day, I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook the other day and someone said you must weed a lot before you take these pictures and I laughed because I could see weeds and knew he hadn’t but we just don’t get a ton of weeds… IDK, he doesn’t get a whole bunch of weeds, but he might just keep on top of it…

We just didn’t get all those weeds out. WE talked about different alternatives like putting plastic over it and letting them bake in the ground. WE have a lot of wood chips and straw to put down, but never got to it and we’re just eating out of the garden!!! It’s been a learning process.

The first year it was the deer, we built a fence but it was not good enough, this year we have a huge grond squirrel and mole, gopher,

Right ground hogs. No?

Pocket squirrels!

Where are you guys at?

We’re north of town, right by the border, you could throw a rock over it. The house wer’e in no one had been there for four years, so a huge population of field mice and gophers. Once again, we’re taking a natural approach because we don’t want to poison them.

Someone in my facebook group asked me the other day. She said she’s in Idaho and she’s been gardening for 20 years and 2-3 years ago she got field mice and she’s so frustrated she didn’t even plant a graden this year. 

You know what I think is working the best I can’t even say this for sure, but I dug holes and put wine bottles all around the entire garden burying them every couple feet or so with the next sticking out and they said the wind blowing through it would create a sound that they didn’t like… it would scare them… They don’t like noises and smells. The wind blows over them… And dumping coffee grounds down the holes too! 

Oh, no! It didn’t actually get it all. I was saying oh no!!! These great tips for listeners !So she said she puts little umbrellas she makes out of  a stick and a tin can over the top so the rain doesn’t get in. So they would stay dry and make more noise and the noise seems to scare the pests away.

Those are the 2 things we’re doing Everybody says, you have to do the poison, but we have so many natural predators, eagles and owls and ospreys, were’e just worried if we poisoned anything and if they eat it and that would destroy them…

My neighbor used to spray gas and fill them with flames, light them of fire… in the holes…

I have to say working at the Wilderness Club is amazing. The views. I had no idea. I have lived in Eureka for 25 years and I can’t believe how amazing it is out there! It’s just gorgeous. I take pictures if you follow me on snapchat. We all share at work, check out this great owl picture I took. Just a totally different view of where we are just pushed up against the mountains! It’s such a different experience. I can’t believe it’s been here this whole time and I didn’t realize it.  

When we moved up here we thought we wanted to be in the woods, and the rental we got was in the plains and we were like Plains, ah! But now we are like the plains are so beautiful.

You see so much more and the Canadian rockies and it just looks so much bigger.

Mikw'a Green Garden

I posted a picture of our house the other day. People were like that’s where you live? It’s outside my window so I get used to it.

It’s a pain to mow around. We hung a bunch of wind chimes?

We heard noise and strong smells!

So that seems to be working? You don’t have ground squirrels etc?

OH YEAh! last year was ridiculous! This year we had one ground squirrel and we put the coffee grounds . We lost some broccoli. We had on gopher hole and it kind of filled in. We just go out there with our coffee in the morning. We dump it in every whole we can find..

We were wondering why they’re not in the compost ever with all of the yummy greens, I think it’s the coffee grounds.

What Mike also suggested in the Facebook group… was guinea hens. She has so much livestock. She’s in a place… woodsy just like us and she has so much livestock.

Ideally we’d have a place like that someday. Our place is up for sale and it’s a rental, our landlords are awesome! We’d like to have chickens or goats… something that has eggs.

My granddaughter got ducks! My chickens haven’t done anything this year. So the chickens that survived have access to the garden and everything growing. They haven’t destroyed any of it. There’s only had 2, there’s only 3-4 of them this year. The rooster and the one big chicken go wherever they want. IDK, there’s so much stuff to eat. Knock on wood, so far so good this summer. Mike will probably ill me now if they go eat his chickens or pests.

And the garden too? People have always told me  Mike always said, you can’t let them out a predator will get them.

You have to make sure their locked in.

Bears and all kinds of predators out now.

Thanks so much one of these days well have to get  a 

Eureka Garden Photo Contest

Just need to email the picture needs to be an original picture

By August 1st!

June Contest

For June well, and now into July, my contest is going to have a great new prize! A healthy fabulous bar of soap from Simply Josephine! There’s Geranium Red Clay, Lavender Oatmeal, Lemon Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass Cornmeal! So four winners can each win a lovely scented bar of Dacia’s wonderful handmade soap.

Geranium Red Clay Soap Simply Josephine LavenderOatmeal LemonEucalyptos LemonGrassCornmeal

Remember to win, all you have to do is leave an honest review on iTunes of what you like about the Organic Gardener Podcast and email me your iTunes name and you will be entered in a raffle to win one of these wonderful bars of sweet soap!  I think we will run this contest through July, as I am so busy working I’ll be lucky to get the next contest posted by then!! Haha;)

So if you would like to win one of the samples all you have to do is go to iTunes and leave an honest review for the podcast so that more listeners can hear from the amazing guests and learn how to garden using earth friendly techniques!

There’s a link in the shownotes that connects to a little video on how to leave a review on an iPhone and how to leave a review on a desktop by Michael Hyatt. To me the confusing part is always having to go to itunes and search for the show again even after I have downloaded it to my phone. Then you just click on the ratings and review tab and there’s a button that says Write a Review you can click on. It will ask you for your apple id and password that you use to download podcasts, purchase music and anything else Apple…

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will happily walk you through it. And for that matter if you have any questions about gardening I can help you with please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me via any social media channel, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (my new favorite), Twitter – although I don’t check twitter as regularly as I probably should! or email me at

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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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