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I’m so excited! On Tuesday I talked to Tara at the Rodale Institute and she got me so excited about all the things going on in the Hemp World. I’m so excited to introduce Josh Mezher from A Pot For Pot.

If you want to read the Golden Seeds just click here.

Are you a Rockstar Millennial born between 1980 and 1995?

I was born in 1986

Awesome! I’m writing a book about the rockstar millennials I interview on my show!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Been in the cannabis industry for about a decade now. I moved from the UK to go to school at the USC Santa cruz.

I moved here at a great time where you could legally grow your own cannabis at home and walk down the street and take it to a medical dispensary.

I actually dropped out of school


I always loved gardening and it’s an amazing plant to grow!

I love all of this! Tell me about your first gardening experience? Did you say you grew up in the UK?

My mom is actually a California and she is actually a fanatical gardener. As a young kid I was always trudging around vegetable patch.

digging up the garden

underrated species

I give full credit to my mom, for everything she taught me, I have applied that

  • vegetables
  • flowers
  • more utilitarian based plants!

I love that answer! I am not sure I express enough on my show that what makes the rockstar millennials so amazing it’s because of their awesome parents! Of course my husband is a parent to 2 rockstar millennials!

How did you learn how to garden organically or do you want to talk about what’s going on?

i didn’t start

hydroponic side of it

focus on the product

It’ funny the evolution of cannabis cultivation is really going

traditionally this plant has been grown in small spaces inside houses.

A lot of people are not aware of, is how much cannabis does the U.S. produce? and who produces it?

now they get marketed PR


there are these huge cannabis


11k tons grown annual

low end estimate

largest cannabis farms

barely hitting

one to five tons in production

hundreds of thousands of people who are growing this in their garden

larger scale

smaller scale

plant that is spread throughout the country and doesn’t get a whole lot of recognition

Out of the house and out of the cupboard!

This plant has so much to offer. I can’t believe I see adds for Hemp Levis and Hemp Overalls. I can not believe the growth in this industry in just a year, stuff that wasn’t there a year ago.

its cool

look at the cannabis plant

  • indica
  • sativa
  • rooterallis
  • auto flowering

original plant




started agriculture

really good reason

forget about the drug side

mind altering affect

put that to the side

have a plant that almost naturally grows rope.



you could throw

secondly it gives seeds that are so  nutritional

hemp and cannabis and how healthy it is for humans to consume

other aspect

mind altering

My husband is pointing to all this research that humans are not getting a lot of our nutritional value because we used to get a lot of it from animals that we eat but they are not getting it in their grain so it is not passing on to humans. … People always tell me that hemp protein is good for me, and I can’t afford to buy it and why can’t my husband grow it for me?

medical effect

often draw the parallel of Michael Pollan’s book

evolved us

cannabinoid system

designed to work in the home growers club

I don’t agree with a lot of laws around cannabis cultivation

In Nevada, you can’t grow cannabis at home if you are within 25 miles of a dispensary. Even in California you are not allowed recreational without a card.

I would like to see people grow their tomatoes, next to their cbd pot, thc pot growing next to it

I mean who grows the most tomatoes in the US?

IDK marijuana growers?

No home gardeners…

I would say that I think there has to be  a certain amount of regulation because people are going to the emergency room for overdosing on al these edibles they don’t know what they are doing and I would also say it’s not the easiest plant to grow.

I would beg to differ ~ It’s called weed for a reason and it’s also called pot for a reason because it’s always been grown in a pot I have a whole blog on that

What we have tried to do is to create the right conditions

having great soil

plant in the right soil it should grow

it’s all in the soil!

Our goal is to make this really easy for people

our average customer can grow 3 oz in 80 days!

We want to demystify this plant that is really easy to grow, i mean don’t get me wrong but the only time it’s really hard to grow is when you start to scale up.

If you grow a couple of plants in your backyard.

We try to educate people on soil but also

on a particular variety of cannabis that doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit

which is auto-flowering which is the street name, called rootarellis.

If you look at the cannabis ~ indica and sativa and forget everything you have learned of the cannabis plant from a different perspective.

When does this plant flower? What most

commercial growers which is photoperiod

and it only flowers once a year in the fall

cannabis gardener

have to grow it in tents because you have to get the 12 hour darkness to generate hormones to say to start flowering



that strain evolved I actually make the argument that it is the original strain of cannabis that we created photo period

I’m alive

above the ground

right way before I die


80-100 days from seed

one of the cool things about rooterellis

high in bcd and it has tech

10% all day in  rooterellis

Commercial growers don’t want to grow the plant predominately because you have to start from seed and you can’t clone it.

lose a little bit of crop consistency

square foot greenhouse

all these seeds

grow a couple of plants

grow 20 foot tall

If you want to grow a 3’-5’6’ foot plant

never exceeds 6 foot

typically 2-3 foot range, and you get an ounce a foot that it grows

I have customers in San Francisco who grow them on their windowsill for fun.

I am here in a state where if you have a medical marijuana card you can maybe grow 8 plants. I also feel like another problem is that people grow it indoors and I would like to see what you do is that people are growing it organically in their gardens and not with a bunch of chemicals indoors.

takes the heavy metals out of the soil

When I talked to Tara about their hemp trial and how good their soy beans which grew after the hemp was incredible!

Before we get to the root of things let’s take a minute to thank our sponsors 

Getting to the root of things!

What is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

trimming of the plant


30-25 cuts per gram of cannabis

just to get it t the flower

One of the most mundane parts of growing the plant is

And it’s all sticky and your fingers are sticky.

The only blessing.

fingers are st

within the industry one of the more challenging jobs. I can definitely say I have trimmed my fair share and it’s mundane!

On the flip side what’s your favorite activity to do in the garden?

I think my favorite activity is playing with the plants, Is kind of playing with the plants altering their growth pattern and training them a bit.

I’ve got one plant that’s a regular plant kept in a vegetative state for 365 days

I’ve trained it, it has this sort of twisted bonsai planting you can do a lot of pinching the stems ~ you can slow down one shoot so another one catches up, thinning it there

That’s the fun part of growing! Trim your plant as it grows, it’s very rewarding thing that takes quite a bit of time but is worth it in the long run!

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

Don’t overwater your plants! Definitely the biggest complaint we get.

Plants don’t need that much water, depending on the species

haha, my listeners are like this is the plant for Jackie! Because I struggle to water my plants the most!

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be?

My phone ~ It’s the star trek transponder

I’m still curious did you say you are doing a daily call with Amsterdam?

We haven’t even been selling the product for a full year yet This year is our growth year.

Last year was more like

  • testing the product
  • customer results
  • data back

somewhere in the pacific

weed inventory

We’re giving away 1k units looking to,  trying to get 10k product testers on board

We kow the product works but we’re looking for testers to grow one ton of cannabis. We work with


strategic partners at this point

My week includes 12-14 hour days but I I love it

Been waiting for the opportunity so not complaining there


thrilled with the results

tag line for this year

help us grow one ton of Tax Free Cannabis by being part of this 10,000 growing army we are sort of creating here.

How do my listeners find out about this?

The program is launching here in a couple of weeks.

Sign up for the email and you will know when the program launches.

1000 kits we give away

We’re trying to target it to

  • veterans
  • people in need
  • opioid addicts 

every hundred kits we sell we can afford to give one away

We’re in start-up mode. We’re a scrappy little bootstrapping company here!

Go to the website an sign up for our newsletter.! Just after April 20, 4/20/19 which is a good time to get growing.

Tell listeners about the kit because I’ve been to your website!

Releasing two versions of the Pot 4 a Pot kit.

so, what we want to do is empower people to grow their own 



The soil is the key ingredient it’s a blend 18 in gradients

Kit comes with:

fabric pot

great for growing cannabis in

carbon dioxide


seedling kit


watering can



new version comes with a smart phone camera lens


grow guide

coupon can go to

discount on your seeds

can’t com

as far as I am concerned we ship everywhere

there’s no THC in our product.

Provide you are willing to grow

We have sent them all over the world at this point to some surprising countries.

He’s in the Netherlands, ILoveGrowingMarijuana is able to send seeds anywhere they want to.

And then on top of that my mom and her friends are buying all this cbd oil to reduce their brown spots. I’m like seriously, you have no idea how much they laughed at me back in the 90’s. I’m glad. But it drives me crazy how many people mocked me for saying it could help us!

the blessing of the cannabis plant

Rick Simpson

recreational we had this awesome medical program


look at the cannabis plant

the mainstream media and the general public are really just running with cbd

and people still think it’s a different plant

I view it as the same rose

  • one is pink
  • one is white


being polarized

governments and regulators


cannabis sativa

under 0.2% THC, then you have the other side of the breeders, we need as much profit as illegal thing that have bread it up to this really

confused themselves when they think of hemp that grew in cornfields like sugar cane but that is because they plant them

1” apart but if you grow it normally the flowers are exactly the same thing.

It would grow and look like any other cannabis plant. Hemp flowers.

I like to pull people’s legs, the naysayers, I always enjoy people who don’t smoke love

almost the argument that you may not be fully healthy if you activated some aspect of CBD that works with your nervous system. it’s so absurd to me that the government regulates this and doesn’t allow people access.

In this time, it’s been studied, it’s still a drug that needs regulation.

Well, people grow it indoors and are trying to get the highest potency. You used to be able to smoke like 20 joints in a day and be fine and now it’s like one joint blows people over.

I’m pretty sure it was rooterellis they were smuggling in a day, because you can run 3 crops outdoor in a year.

You can run it 3 times in a season

there’s that whole middle ground that’s

missing of a balanced cannabis plant

has the cbd for your nervous system and the THC for your mind.

The nay-sayers, say don’t you forget a lot of stuff. Frankly, I think that is the most blessings of cannabis is that it’s like a memory refresher, but you can keep your to do list in order. Getting rid of the things you don’t need to keep.

My husband has an incredible memory, he forgets anything.

If you have ever been to a dispensary

and look at the people who walk in there, it’s all walks of professions in life from the top hardworking professionals to the laziest.

Cannabis just has a bad hangover from the Reefer Madness days and the misinformation. I think in about 30 years time, just by coincidence we were in Amsterdam we stayed in a hotel in a

small little village. I was looking at the wall and wondering what are all these plants all over the wall and it was the

tobacco hotel ~ it was the translation

I promise the hemp cannabis plant in the exact same way. People realize that as a movement and an industry in 20-30 years time it’s gonna be cannabis.

It’s taken a long time! I’m hopeful that it will happen in my lifetime.

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

one of the part of the pants people don’t use is the leaf. IF you are into juicing

protein smoothies

listened to the talk about the

  • micronutrients
  • amino acids

contained in the leaves

5-10x the health benefits

fresh cannabis leaves a lot break down quickly so you can consume freshly off of the plant, then it also contains THC-A

cbd which is the non psychoactive part that reduces inflammation and residence  swelling

It’s a tasty leaf I like to put it in salads

juicing often the most convenient

amazing resource health


A favorite internet resource?

BBC. I enjoy their news and articles that they share and perspective. Otherwise is’t probably building my website.

You do have a sharp looking website. Do you listen to Shea Gunther with Marijuana Today Podcast?

Yes I have a couple of times.

Have you read Safer, it’s written by a police officer in Brazil I think who talks about the difference in the crowds.

at the world cup etc compared to drinkers vs stoners?

No, I haven’t  but one of our investors was a senior police officer in the San Jose who is kind of passionate about the idea So there’s some people in law enforcement who has helped us out.

A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?

I think we have a great blog about growing cannabis but also

ILoveGrowingMarijuana has a great blog and they have a free grow bible you can download and we will be releasing a book soon on how to grow cannabis as a houseplant.

If you have a business to you have any advice for our listeners about how to sell extra produce or get started in the industry?

Within the cannabis space there’s a lot of people looking into getting into the industry, I would encourage you to do it! It’s the beginning of this movement and nows the time!

If you’re thinking, I’ve got this idea or I want to do this or that, I would say start it today. In 10s years it might become more and more difficult, but its a space that the bar is pretty low right now!

Right now it’s pretty easy to perform and grow.

Final question-

if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

The fish!

I think that the fish are probably the easiest species for us to forget about because they are so alien and live in a place we can’t inhabit.

Our California

  • wild trout
  • steelhead
  • salmon

A I truly believe that fish have feelings

and that lobsters experience stress.

They don’t get enough credit or protection

dreadful practice for the environment

tuna is probably not gonna be on the menu on the next 10-20 years. It’s a fish that’s almost impossible to breed outside of the wild.

The fish ~ protecting that comes with the oceans and rivers and everything else. I think the end goal is to keep our species alive and healthy. I think they should be available for everyone should get to go out and catch a fish, if we saw that we would have less kids playing video games and going out fishing.

I just want to ask, if my listeners don’t get into the first 10,000 testers, they can still get a kit right?

Yes of course!

How do we connect with you?


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