5 Principles of Soil Health Online Webinar | Steve Szudera

So, Steve Szudera who was my guest in episode 253 talked about nutrient rich soil is going to teach a much more in depth class on building your soil health.  He’s going to give a webinar on the

5 Principles of Soil Health

By the time he’s finished you’ll not just know the difference between dirt and soil but how to make your garden feel like an enjoyable place not a second job!

Many of my listeners have shared with me that time is the number one barrier they have to living in their ideal organic oasis. 

Steve has secrets that you can learn to do in your garden that will reduce the amount of labor and energy you have to spend because he reduces the need to till the soil and do a lot of that back breaking labor that makes gardening difficult.

He also helps you reduce the weeds in your garden which was another question I get a lot so I wanted to make sure if you want to learn more about soil health you knew about his webinar.

Mike and I got a little preview yesterday and we were able to really see what he is talking about with the slides and photos he includes.

He’s giving a live webinar on Tuesday February 12th morning at 12pm EST, 10am MST,  9am PST. So if you want to join us that would be great.

You can ask questions and see his slides.

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I know we’re gonna do a couple of these, including another one the following Saturday morning because he’s got a  lot of info to share and the more people that learn these soil health techniques the happier mother earth will be.

You can register for the webinar. I know he’s going to offer some bonuses just for my audience so let me know if we can do anything else!

And let’s get growing!

ps. if you haven’t seen my pics of my herb experiments I’ve been doing this winter trying to get some herbs growing in my windowsill, you can see those on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll try to get a blog post out about them.


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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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