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Purple Pitchfork

Chris Blanchard provides consulting and education for farming, food, and business through Purple Pitchfork. As the owner and operator of Rock Spring Farm since 1999, Chris  raised twenty acres of vegetables, herbs, and greenhouse crops, marketed through a 200-member year-round CSA, food stores, and farmers markets. Prior to 1999, Chris managed student farms, worked as an intern, packing house manager, plant breeding assistant, and farm manager, and provided consulting for a major organic processor, in California, Wisconsin, Maine, and Washington state. His workshops, writing, and consulting throughout the country about farm business concepts, food safety, organic vegetable production, and scaling-up have gained a reputation for fresh approaches, down-to-earth information, and honesty.

Chris Blanchard Purple Pitchfork Farming Consultant

Purple Pitchfork Consulting

Chris Blanchard runs the Purple Pitchfork and Farmer-to-Framer podcast.

Purple Pitchfork Chris Blanchard on Tractor

1. What are the important tools that you need?


Rototiller/Walking Tiller

BCS walking tiller

2 wheeled tractor


  • Colinial hoe
  • Shuffle hoe

Bed Rake



Favorite Recipes

Raddichio Salad and Beauty Heart/Watermelon Radishes


What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

Give the plants what they need.

“Water is the cheapest fertilizer you can get. Growers who have very carefully managed their water, have triple your yields though irrigation management”

Full show notes coming soon!


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