66: Kelly Ware | Permaculture Global | Polson, MT | Part 1

Kelly was a guest in Episode 28 on the Organic Gardener Podcast.

What to take when you start a permaculture farm on a budget.

Kelly and her family are moving to Panama to start a Permaculture retreat and learning center she plans to call the The Eco-Wellness Retreat or maybe The College of Well Being which would translate nicely as El Colegio del Bienestar!

3 KEY Things To Take:

1. The key line plow which is a subsoil soil ripper, that goes down underneath the surface, and it lifts up the surface and breaks the hard pan of the surface allows the big rain events to soak into the earth and recharge the whole water hydration system of the land. You cut the lines just slightly off contour about 1-4 degrees. It moves the water out to the ridge lines or out to where it’s dry form the gulley areas, so it slows or stops the erosion in the gully areas and it helps these big rain events to to spread out where it dry.

2. A tree transplanter. This enables you to go along the key-line and just drop trees in. You can plant trees, fruits & nuts, berry bushes, etc.

Geoff Lawton‘s property checklist … running water, hydro-electric … Some sort of a slope.

3. Bio-construction Materials – Natural Homebuilding materials.

Earthbag and Hyper-Adobe building materials.

Slip form straw clay mix


Miscellaneous Items to Take:

Electric Fencing from Premier 1 Fencing both plug in and solar

Thinking about taking a generator.

Shade screen, bug netting will order in Panama.

Seeds from Heirloom-Organics

Handtools – shovels, tree trimmer/pruner etc.

1000 Japanese Serrated Sickles for Permaculture Crossfit!

SOIL SUPPLEMENTS:  Bags of Diatamatious Earth

Aquaponics Supplies – Friendly Aquaponics

Chain Link Fence Bender

Water Filtration – Berkey Filter

Trowel for stuccoing

Tools for Butchering

Loom or Textile producer

Serger sewing Machine

Medical Supplies – The Herbal Medic

Food Storage – things you can eat or grow.

Want to have the tools to form a company to do this installation on anyone’s property down there. If I have my tree transplanter or key-line plow we can set up a food forest of coffee plantation anywhere. The principles of Permaculture is you do a Poly-culture stack system. So you have your coffee trees under your fruit trees, under your nut trees, and then all of your medicinal underneath and then all your annuals between these belts of food forest that are grown on contour, or around the perimeter of certain paddocks, where you have your animals in a paddock in rotating paddocks. Called Holistic grazing management, or paddock shift system, or mob grazing. Really helps you identify any problem and learn any criteria that can help you solve it. What elements can I or can I not change. And how to scale that.

Electricity – Windmill/Solar Panels

Egg cartons

Bed Mattresses


Shower – poly tubing/poly weaving

Sprinkler system drip tape


Sterilization Equipment – Pressure cooker/canner and canning jars

Mushroom Production Tools

River Rafting Rafts and Pulley Systems for a Zip Line

Fly-Fishing Gear

Snappy’s have some powerful air pellet guns since you can’t take guns and security is a risk. Security systems.

Most American phones don’t work down there, but they have phones that allow you to Skype. In town they have internet.

Books (able to bring books for education)

Solar lighting and outdoor showers

Glow stones or Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

Solar lights

Climbing shoes from Second Hand Store

Beehives, bee equipment – Michael Jordan the Bee Whisperer

Post and Beam work – crimper for putting wires

Warm clothes/and long sleeve collar shirts to protect from the sun


Other Resources Kelly and I Discuss:

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Jack Spirco’s Duck Chronicles.

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Paul Wheaton from Permies.com using a solar powered chain saw.

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International Surgery – A great Podcast resource for this is Healthcare Elsewhere

Airbnb – Garden Wellness Center

Willie Smits Ted Talk on How to Restore a Rainforest (Borneo)

Open Source Ecology

Permaculture Research Institute

Tek Supply for shade screen etc…

Connect with Kelly on Facebook at Permaglobal.com


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