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Organic Healthy LIfe Nancy Addison

Nancys speeches, radio shows, books and articles offer a constantly expanding body of knowledge that focuses on the benefits of establishing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. It all starts with nutritious, organic, nutrient dense food.

Diabetes and Your Diet: A Diabetes Diet Cookbook with Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Reversing Diabetes Nancy AddisonHow to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book Nancy AddisonLose Weight, Get Healthy ...And Never Have to Be on a Diet Again!: Nutrition & Health Information, Eating Plan, Recipes, and Lifestyle Guidelines for Becoming the Healthiest Person You Can Be Nancy AddisonRaisingHealthyChildren

Nancy is the author of: Diabetes And Your Diet (#1 best seller and International Book Awards 2017, Winner), How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian (now in its 2nd edition, a best seller and two-time finalist of 2 Indie Book Awards, and awarded finalist in the International Book Awards, and North Texas Book Awards), Raising Healthy Children (#1 Best Seller, Awarded the Moms Choice Award for Excellence and International Book Awards 2017, Winner, parenting & family category), Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Never Have To Be On A Diet Again! and Alive and Cooking are frequently mentioned in the books of other authors and in natural health magazines.

Organic Healthy Life

She has her own radio shows, Organic Healthy Life. She is well-regarded for introducing Americans to new concepts and insights for using medicinal foods. Nancys clients have reversed medical conditions, lost weight, and learned how to eat energizing, healthy, fresh, organic food.

Nancy is featured in the documentary, “Eating You Alive.

I’m so excited to introduce my guest who has a radio show called Organic Healthy Life and has written two books. I try to eat healthy but truth be told, I struggle with it. I’m what you call a fishaterian maybe I eat fish, mostly salmon and I eat dairy but I stay away from chicken and meats and so I’m excited to learn. It’s easier in the summer when mike has his big garden but I’m excited to learn about healthy eating! 

I have written many books  (#1 best seller and ), How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian (now in its 2nd edition, a best seller and two-time finalist of 2 Indie Book Awards, and award), Raising Healthy ChildrenDiabetes And Your Diet were winners in the International Book Awards 2017!

Quality of Food

They’re all half cookbooks but the also contain a lot of information on

  • health
  • nutrition
  • suppplements
  • vitamins
  • cleansing
  • QUALITY of food

but I also weave all sorts of info on the quality of food, that’s basically what I feel is so critically important for our health, it’s not as much the food you eat as it is the quality of the food you eat.

Really organic. I think that is one of the most important things I stress to people it will have more nutrients and wont be contaminated with glyphosate or chemicals…. like a neonicotoid 

I just heard on the news the other day that California banned glyphosate   on my alternative facts…. haha.

No, it’s not just California either, the World Health Organization in the Hague the judge tribunal, had a trial basically for Monsanto found them guilty for crimes against humanity for knowing that these chemicals are carcinogens for a very long time.

The NYTimes article  saying that they were basically using ghost writers. Europe has known this for a long time, GMOS and label in Europe, I do think it is only a matter of time before these chemicals will hopefully be outlawed.

One of the things I find so upsetting about the quality of our food is the way soo many of our farmers are raising our food. I am NOT blaming the farmers I think many  have been misled with misinformation through laws by the USDA that require certain things, many of them don’t know because of the misinformation how to change or do better.


But these fertilizers and pesticides are saturating our country and destroying our ground water, poisoning the ground and also the wildlife. Then a lot of these GMOs are spreading and interbreeding with wild plants! We need to stop this, I have a petition with almost 200k signatures trying to ban the use of neonicatinoid poisions!

They coat our seeds with and are decimating our land and groundwater and especially the pollinators bees. It’s hard to find out exactly how many. Even the federal courts and the EPA has been wrong to not outlaw them!

It would be very beneficial for everyone to outlaw them. I do think things are moving in that direction! I do want to give everyone the positive look at this! The courts are ruling against these companies and they are finding out the truth! We have to take that and go yes! We know that things are moving forward and I think people are demanding more ethical behavior from companies, as the courts are discover all of these things that have been covered up or are causing ill health. 

I do think the earth is a very healing place and can reverse that. It’s  incredible believe that it can happen. At the same time support farmers who are using organic, non-toxic practices and support them so that they can continue doing what they are doing. I do think that’s the direction they are going in!

I think it’s because awesome Moms like you raised millennials who want businesses that have ethical practices. I think it’s true the farmer’s don’t necessarily want to do it because of the USDA or the banks and I think it’s changing as we learn more about them.

I did find on CNN’s website  it was June 29, yesterday. The article in CNN says “

(CNN)One of the most popular herbicides in the world can cause cancer, California health officials say, and they might demand warnings saying so. That herbicide, glyphosate, will be added to California’s list of chemicals that can cause cancer, the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment said this week. Glyphosate is the key ingredient in weed killers such as Roundup.”

I just wanted to put that out there, I’m not spouting alternative facts… My listeners and I, I remember my mom a lot asking the neighbors not to spray their dandelions because who’s closest to the grass? Pets and toddlers crawling on it.

And you’re babies.
And a little kid their bodies are absorbing so much. I never really paid attention because we never sprayed and my mom didn’t. A lot of people where I grew up people have landscapers and they don’t want to breathe it when they cut the lawns or pile the clippings either and they have the opportunity to make so much compost. We can turn compost in 2 weeks when the summers on and we’re cutting lawn.
What a great thing to do!

People don’t realize the pesticides that you spray on your lawn they go straight to your blood stream and can cause nerve damage. Not like food that you digest. 

The rate of disease for animals, today, and the rate of disease in the US.  Half the people in the US today have chronic disease. The pets are right there with them and there’s a definite correlation between the toxins in our environment!

They spray around in our parks, and you think going out to the park or the yard is going to be healthy but if it’s sprayed with a posion that goes straight to your blood stream!

Who would invent a toxic poison to annihilate one of the best foods?


If people just harvested their dandelions they would be so much healthier they sell them for a lot of money at the grocery store for your well being for your health and your liver, they’ve invented a new toxins,

To kill the milkweed the favorite food of the monarch butterfly

what kind of scientist sits around and says, let’s create the poison to kill the easisest food you can grow and the prettiest little creatures on earth?

what planet are you from?

I want to be able to look at the bees and butterflies. I want to be sit in the park, god made everything perfectly, what in the world are they inventing these things to destroy it for?

What people don’t realize is that when they invent toxins, they are not doing environmental impact studies on them.

married to an environmental trial lawyer for 25 years

I learned so much about

  • air quality
  • water quality
  • farm toxicity
  • farm run off,
  • electromagnetic fields
  • different laws

I also studied landscape architecture at Texas A&M for a short while. And lasndscape people are not taught take some environmental sciences, but they  don’t do environmental impact studies. There was a plant developed called knock out roses, landscapers put them everywhere, they have no nectar in them, you go to the florist, when it doesn’t have a fragrance, that means it doesn’t have any nectar

just becoming public knowledge

big bumblebees were going extinct because of these hybrid plants and GMO plants that have no nectar and the flower they were literally starving to death. 

decline of the pollinators

neonicatinoid GMO plants and hybrid plants that have no nectar in the flower

Web of Life

One of the things I talk about in my books is

if you are going to plant a garden, if you are going to buy things, make sure they are heirloom or organic or have a fragrance, the web of life! It’s critical!

I hope my radio show, my books and things can help educate more and more aware and can help people make better choices….

choose a rose that is good for the environment.

knock-out roses not good for the environment that are not good for the butterflies!

I definitely agree that education is part of the key. That’s part of why I became an educator!

We have to look out for ourselves. In Europe people really hold their government more accountable and demand better government that does protect their health. I think in America we are afraid to do that. We need to really truly let our voices be heard, we need to monitor what they are doing, otherwise how do we know if they have made some choices for our health and not good for the environment. we need to demand better representation.

This has happened frequently. They will take people who are on boards of chemicals and they get jobs with the government and make regulations that benefit them… not necessarily population on the whole.

watering down the laws and the restrictions that do protect the environment and the butterflies and bees and us. I think I see a real big wave of change coming/ Thank God for a lot of these millennials not putting up with that, and take action. I do see changes happening it is incredibly hopeful and we are living in an exciting time of great change for the better.

  • the world court standing up against monsanto.
  • Europe banned GMOs in many regions

outlawed a lot of the toxic chemicals, we’re right behind them. We’ve been too slow to get there but hooray!

Do you want to tell us about your first gardening experience?

I did! I think I was just born, kind of born a little kind of farmer person, my parents loved to garden! I grew up on a pretty big… we had a half acre lot that our house was on,!back in 1947 everybody had a garden in their yard!

It was only after WWII that people stopped having them quite so much!I guess around the age of 6-7 we bought a farm, my father was a lawyer. But in all of his spare time, when he was not at the office. Espcially on the weekends, he was out planting fruit trees and helping in the garden on the weekends on Saturday, either

  • pulling weeds
  • harvesting
  • planting

certified wildlife rehabilitation. I had an aunt who gave us baby chicks… always had ducks or chickens. We kept those things on the backyard, always been helping things that were hurt.

I had a gopher, a possum I was re-habing when I was small, I was always connected with the earth, if I ever need to find you its out in the garden my grandmother was an avid gardener as well.

My mother always had a garden with

  • fragrant roses
  • four o’clocks
  • sunflowers

I have a real love for the fragrances and all the little creatures that live there. Nothing like the fresh food out of your garden. I would love to see us all get back to that kind of way of life. I think we can, and I think it’s a choice.

I have even been really trying to reach people who are more inner city- urban city dwellers

A spokeswoamn for this Latino community

  • farmer’s markets’
  • urban inner city area
  • food deserts

I’ve been trying to teach people how to grow

  • micro-greens or sprouts

on their balcony or windowsill. You can grow some fresh food no matter where you are!

I think of my plants as some of my pets, really connected with them. like some of my pets. Like living beings. 


One of my favorite books

The Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man

The Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man

it’s out of print but it changed my life. It really made me look at how life is at a whole different spectrum. It’s all scientifically based. It was written back in the 1970s some scientist. Idk what kind of scientist he was maybe bored one day, started putting some sensors in is plants and tried to pass the time, and started finding out amazing things about his plants! 

Started doing more and more studies. This book documents what he did. I know Russia took it at one point and went wild with this whole idea that plants are so completely aware of everything as much as maybe even your pets are.

Yet they don’t have a face, no eyes, ears but they are completely connected with us in so many ways. It changed my life. 

Anyone who loves to read.


Do you want to talk about growing microgreens and sprouts?

It’s so easy. if you have access to purchase some organic dirt, that is really awesome, the quality of the soil is paramount to the quality of our food, if you want your food to have nutrients in it, then your soil needs to have that as well!

If you order organic or heirloom seeds you can get a variety at different seed places

Seeds of Change

is one of my favotite places to order seeds.

just for instance I love to grow micro-greens

they are a little bit bigger then a sprout but they have a concentration of compounds in them that would be in the whole plant! So someone who needs intense nutrition especially from vegetables and greens which are so good for us.

growing just sprouts is so easy! 

I have directions for that in my book 

How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book Nancy Addison

How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian

sprouts and microgreens

I can help anyone with their health and well being.

You take your seeds and

  • soak them in non-clorinated water
  • plant them, in organic soil
  • if you just want to sprout them put them
  • in a bowl or a sieve so I don’t get my counter wet
  • put a towel over it so they feel like they are in the dirt
  • microgreens put them in the dirt, and put a small layer

don’t want chlorine and fluoride from the water in the soil. They are carcinogenic. 

The chlorine was one of the first chemicals developed for warefare

You can get a thing for your hose at the RV dept at a store and screw it on your hose, it will remove the chlorine. Idk how much of the flouride. that’s pretty inexpensive to do that. 

In your house I use a Zero water filterZero water filter

remove the chlorine and flouride. It’s pretty inexpensive filter very good one. 

You can get it at Bed Bath and Beyond, or at Target about $40 replace and then just replace the filter as necessary. It tells you when to replace it. 

I soak  the seeds and put in sieve for the soil and microgreens

  • water throughout day.
  • keep it damp until it sprouts
  • I water about 3 times a day

put over the sink to water

in a big tray

when it starts sprouting put it in the sunlight and it develops that beautiful chlorophyll

antioxidants are really the colorful pigment so you want the green chlorophyll.

  • anywhere up to small inch or 2
  • harvest those 
  • add to your salads and sandwiches
  • absolutely
  • delicious
  • fresh
  • packed with nutrients
  • if you grow it yourself you know the quality if you grow it yourself

control is the nicest thing about it…

Microgreens and Nutrient Density

Journal of the American Society for horticultural Science

Journal for American Society for Horticulture Science

Young lettuce seedlings harvested after 7 days of germination had the highest antioxident capacity as well as the highest concentration of health promoting compounds compared to their counterparts. 

These young sprouts or microgreens are more nutrient dense then full grown lettuces!

I’d like to encourage all of you gardeners out there, harvest your plants maybe earlier then your used to! Eat them as little babies and you’ll get more nutrient density!

They taste so fresh and wonderful!

for things like Spinach

Baby spinaches don’t have the oxalic acid that the fulcrum spinach has

a lot of greens have certain components like that that if you eat as a baby green they are much better for your health.

That was  a lot of information. My husband’s really the gardener here. A lot of the stuff that we planted was in the windowsill in my room. We had a class pet, guinea pig and we kept the food in my room and keeping it alive.Somehow it empowered me, I did a lot more to keep that stuff alive then I thought it did. My husbands’ here and keeps everything watered and alive even if I don’t.


We grew a lot of food I mean that guinea pig ate a lot of food. The kids wanted to try the dandelions. You couldn’t believe the amount he would eat. They were really curious! It’s interesting that the shorter the plants the more nutrient dense and the more you cut it the more it growing. You can start with just a little tray or two. I was thinking about maybe starting some indoors for him this summer as things are bolting already. A lot of things like that full hot sun but a few things like that north. 

I’ve seen people put up a shade cloth or even umbrellas!

Mike and I keep arguing about a tree by his mini-farm he wants to cut down. We have lots of trees. We have lots of trees, on 20 acres here. He has to clear the woods for fire season etc. Keeping it healthy. Gotta do some of that thinning.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about eating as a vegetarian and your books?

How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book Nancy Addison

How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian

My books all have lots of nutritional information on

  • how to restore your health
  • reverse disease
  • live as healthy as you can

When I became a vegetarian about 28 years ago there wasn’t a whole lot of info out there and there was a lot of false info out there

if they cut out meat and dairy they are eating healthy. There are so many foods on the market

packed with

  • transfat
  • sugar in them

even if you don’t want to be 100% vegetarian

A vegetarian diet will

  • reverse diabetes
  • heart disease
  • most cancers
  • restore people’s health

Over the years people have been eating more meat


our grandparents weren’t eating it every single meal.

What did I see yesterday? A pretzel hotdog roll with bacon?!

It’s sanitized so people don’t feel responsible for so many animals deaths. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 5.55.47 PM

I’m certified plant based with Cornell

Oxford University

most comprehensive nutritional study to date

Creature Protein

when someone’s diet gets over 10% of creature protein


  • dairy
  • eggs
  • fish
  • chicken
  • beef

same in the study when your diet is over 10% of that is where tumors are formed

look at the half the men in the US today have cancer

1/3 of the woman have cancer

where is that correlation there. Well you look at the rise in the meat and creature protein people are eating. Everyone’ so obsessed with protein!

45% percent of spinach is protein

more bioavaialbe

more then creature food has to be turned into complex amino acids ready to be utilized

plants are already turned into complex amino acids ready to be utilized


more bioavailaibty from plants

found over the years

people don’t know how to eat vegetables in their hole form

grew up in the 60s

white refined or it had all the nutrients taken out of it and then it was fortified with synthetic vitamins. My research showed that the synthetic ones can also cause canser.

You want nutrient desnse naturally

deep cellularly way

support your disease

food is our medicine

gardening and eating fresh food is such a wonderful relaxing way to live our lives and we’ve kind of gotten away from that. Even if you are an urban dweller you can start your own microgreen farm in a pot or on your windowsill really connect with that!

In my book

  • how do you eat healthier. 
  • how to choose food that is better
  • how do you cook it
  • do you cook it?
  • Certain cruciferous vegetables need to be lightly steamed or cooked to remove certain components that can hurt your thyroid

Most people don’t realize that beans and lentils or seeds or quinoa or even rice

those are really seeds and they have phytic acid and enzyme enhibitors

So you can digest it better so it won’t cause indigestion or it won’t cause gas

afraid gas

won’t digest their food properly but it’s not the food it’s the preparation

I’m a master chef. I studied modes of cooking all over the world

People cook food so they still have phyto acid and gives them gas and prevents them from absorbing other nutrients. 

These things are so easy if you know what to look for

Diabetes and Your Diet: A Diabetes Diet Cookbook with Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Reversing Diabetes Nancy AddisonHow to Be a Healthy Vegetarian: Complete Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book Nancy AddisonLose Weight, Get Healthy ...And Never Have to Be on a Diet Again!: Nutrition & Health Information, Eating Plan, Recipes, and Lifestyle Guidelines for Becoming the Healthiest Person You Can Be Nancy AddisonRaisingHealthyChildren

Diabetes And Your Diet

How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian

Raising Healthy Children

Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Never Have To Be On A Diet Again! 


Alive and Cooking: An Easy Guide to Health for You and Your Parents

which I co-authored

will all walk you through different ways to prepare food easier and healthier

and to absorb nutrients better

the phyto acid on

  • rice,
  • lentils
  • beans,
  • quiona
  • and prevent you from absorbing the nutrients and I know acid indigestion is such a huge problem for people.

I had a friend who had these horses that were really sick. I asked her eare you just giving them raw oats?

have soaked them removed the photo acid….

horses health turned around

The biggest purchaser or anti-acids and antibiotics is farmers because they are

animals are raised in such terrible diets and conditions need to be given anti-biotics just to keep them alive. 

So supporting farmers who are raising animals in a sustainable way is totally different quality then food that is raised in inhumane and chemically given conditions.

That can change your health right there




support those farmers that are growing organically

not putting toxins on their environment and being humane to their animals! I think the whole world benefits. We’re all connected. It’s very important to be aware of these things and take baby steps. 

Move in that direction and I really think we can make the world a better place!

I think listeners are really going to relate to this. Because my interview Kim Romeril in New Zealand talked about cruelty free living and is one of my most downloaded episodes. I do think the cost of eating. Even your high end I listen to a lot of busienss podcasts, people who are not into organic gardening but they want to be the CEO of some top business they talk about the importance of being healthy and eating  they need that to have the energy levels required to complete their daily activities.

One of the things I wanted to say is the Quality of children’s food is paramount!

While the baby’s in the womb! What the mother’s eating! The quality if it has carcinogenic things!  It affects them so much more, it’s critically important

  • quality of their water
  • rally important
  • watching out for that is vital

I could expand on this so more. If anyone wanted to look into that it is critically important!


Raising Healthy Children

I do see a shift in schools more greenhouses and gardens. But I look at that they serve the kids 2% milk. I have learned on my show that whole milk is important. The woman form the weston a price foundation came on and was talking about butter and how the chemical reaction to food changes when you put healthy fat on it.

It is critically important. I think one of the reaosns people should  look at the full fat instead of buying ones that are take out the fat it takes out that savory flavor so they add sugar and high fructose corn syrup  to make them taste better so they are actually less good for you. 

Its not fat it’s the sugar that makes us fat. So having a full fat version is better. Our brains work off of good fat. Animal fat is not the good fat. In my book I have huge fat chapters on what fat to eat. I think over the years we have been given a lot of misinformationO

Our drs were telling us to eat margarine and using vegetable shorting like Crisco. Even the tiniest amounts are terrible for us

Which fat to use

If you’re gonna eat butter be sure you eat organic butter from humanely raised animals. Really look at the quality. Fat gives us energy so it tells our body how to use carbohydrates

tasting good healthy eating can be delicious. 

change the way we’re eating take the first step and eating things that are healthier for us we need to stick with it and our taste buds will adjust!

Do you want to tell people about your workshops and what working with you is like. I wanted you to come to Montana but you were saying your doing to Nicaragua.

I have a friend who has a place down there and I love going down there,

we have really small intimate retreats

Cooking things throuhout the week.

I teach people

  • how to prepare healthier food
  • talk about nutrition
  • in an exotic place
  • beatuiful land,

kind of land like Cuba the Sandinista world cut if off and it’s like it’s standing still in time. There’s oxcarts on the road.

The food that we get is really really fresh!

I don’t think the big corporations went in there an planted the heavy toxic farms everywhere. We have an American farmer that we get organic greens from. Fresh fruit from the local forest and from the markets. 

We eat really well and have a wonderful adventure while we’re there.

  • swim
  • get really grounded
  • work on really creating that mental peacefulness

that is so important for having true health. Also learning a few ways to implement healthier ways of eating when they get back home. Maybe some lifestyle adjustments as well. It’s good way sometimes when you want to make a change it’s good to get out of your environment. It helps you look at it in a different way. Also lets you look back on your own life and gives you a different perspective. 

It allows you space and time to make some adjustments.

I do various speaking engagements. I am a member of the National Speaker’s associtaion. Just went to South Africa

  • visiting with botanists and organic 
  • recycling programs with poor neighborhoods
  • introucing some new ideas there

They have a terrible problem with Monsanto and glyphosate that are destroying the natural heirloom plants. Always interesting to connect with people around the world. 

It’s always interesting to speak on these different subjects and how people can connect and make a difference. Also eat healthier foods for their own health and families and friends. 

I’d love to have you come on our Nicaraguan retreat. We have one in August. 

go to organichealthylife.com

retreat page

set up ones for different groups if they want to give us a certain date to set up. It’s a lovely place it’s a decidious forest which is unique because it has seasons

  • forest in the beach
  • monkeys
  • iguana
  • in the garden
  • sea turtles
  • whale

love the wildness of it and the incredible peace that it brings and sharing my info with people. It’s just one of my passions! I love helping people with their health and nutrition and just something that makes me happy.

Do you do a health assessment? Did I see that somewhere?

I have some doctors who refer people to me. I have people who can have serious illunsess and I ask them to fill out a form. I am very intuitive. I am also certified in body mind communication. A lot of time our illnesses can be effected by traumas in our life.

I work very holistically. Everything affects our health.

  • child passing away
  • accident or divorce
  • death in the family

Those can definitely can cause health problems. Serious health problems aren’t caused by one thing alone, it’s a combination of things. What I like to work with people.

  • Adjusting their diet
  • maybe a lifestyle
  • traumas that have happened in the past
  • hydration

A lot of people are not hydrated properly a lot of time they are drinking the wrong kind of fluids, not hydrating them as full as possible

looking at where people are to adjust that

make it healthier

it’s a lot easier then people think!

Taking those steps and knowing what steps to take!

What foods are you eating.

Are  you allergic to certain things? People don’t know eating certain food can eat into your stomach. 

bt toxin that’s built into all the soy and genetically

can eat holes in your stomach as well,

Monsanto and those companies said it would only affect  the insects that were eating it.

clinical trials

Studies especially in Canada show that they are eating holes in the stomach of people as well.

meat more organic foods  that are healthier for us

A lot of people think its expensive

But your healthy is way more expensive then eating healthy food

your dollar is like a vote

good for you

farmer and doing the right thing and protecting the environment

planting seeds that are

causeing us to have cancer

one reasons those things have been so cheap is the government is supplementing our farmers who grow those GMO foods. They are just starting to give grants to organic farmers which will make it affordable for people

that is wonderful!

with these courts ruling against these companies for chronic illness

things are gonna start changing. We really need to use our dollars carefully and thoughtfully.

much better

if any of the listeners are having a struggle with chronic disease or a health problem, I believe you give the body the right tools can do miraculous things!

Everybody deserves radiant health!

I love this because anything that is easy is right up my alley. To really encourage people to make simple changes that affect lifestyle and support your local farmer. I just went to the grocery store and thought I can’t afford this fruit. $5 for a little basket of strawberries, and $4 for the non-organic ones, I run into people at the store saying I planted blueberries. But then I look at my cell phone and remember that I couldn’t possible afford $40 a month for data and now I can’t live without it. For one thing there’s access to farmer’s markets and food deserts. I’ve seen lots of places in Montana, where there’s no big grocery stores for miles. There’s a Costco and a Natural Grocer. There’s a giant high school. They can walk across the street to McDonalds.

There’s a giant USFS office building. There’s an apartment complex. Lots of businesses but no grocery store.

These processed foods have the high fructose corn syrup. And the cheap GMO corn they are using for that. The corn syrup that’s not in a natural fruit it’s todally different that’s processed so it affects our body

diabetes has risen 700% in the last 50 years. A lot of it is becuase of thse 


high fructose corn syrup

agave syrup has more fructose in it then high fructose corn syrup

affects our pancreases ability to make insulin

affects our hormones and our pancreas

one of the leading reasons there is such high diabetes in our country

keep that out of our diet that is critical

most of our processed foods have it. 

take those reading glasses and read those ingredient

  • MSG,
  • listing things that are not food on the label
  • read how much sugar is in there


  • one teaspoon of sugar will shut down your immune system
  • need to keep the sugar out of our diet
  • sugar that’s really harming our health
  • weight problems and disease problems from processed foods
  • don’t microwave anything healthy it’s going to destroy the molecular structure of the food and nutrient value.

Don’t waste your money on good food and microwave it

Diabetes and Your Diet: A Diabetes Diet Cookbook with Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Reversing Diabetes Nancy Addison

Diabetes And Your Diet really walks you through the different components  in processed food and how you can avoid them. 

spending your money on this and that. If you’re buying something healthy you’re gonna save money in the long run not being sick, not having to go to the dr and miss work.

You want to buy fresh food

  • go to the farmer’s market
  • get fresh in season food will be less expensive

we could a whole other show on all of this! I could go on for along time. 

I’ll encourage listeners to go to your website and buy one of your books or a conference.

One of thee things I liked about your form is it seemed to ask questions were different then what a doctor’s office usually asks like what percentage of your food is home cooked? 

My husband does cook a lot and when I’m gonna a lot I tend to eat out a lot and then asking about your sleep. I like that your looking at the whole body and doctors the one sympton.

not taught nutrition in medical school That’s why a lot of drs refer their clients to me for nutritional counseling. I’m realizing that’s important and really all we were taught is how to use pharmaceutical.

There are a lot of doctors that are fantastic if you have a broken arm you need someone to help you fix it!

But we can help ourselves, avoid being ill and chronic disease

  • what we put in our mouth
  • how we hydrate
  • the quality of food
  • it’s easier then people think and it makes sense

A lot of times it doesn’t cost anything to make some of these adjustments! Doing things a little different. A lot of time change isn’t so easy, it’s going outside the realm of what we’ve been doing and so we keep doing it because it’s familiar. You know what to expect but if it’s not working, then making that change can be a little scary.



Once you start it’s really making that choice to make a change. If you keep doing it it becomes familiar and you’re doing it and feeling better then you don’t have to think about and it’s really just a process.

I’ve been reading Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within and mind associations between pain and pleasure and tricking your mind to take control of your life. I think you’re a great resource for that to help people sort that out!

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