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Matt Powers Rockstar Millennial, high school English and Social Studies Teacher, and Permacutlure Curriculum designer is here to share his amazing journey and passion to teach everyone he can reach about the power of permaculture. Working with some of the most scientific names in the field including Elaine Ingham, David Montgomery and the Geoff Lawton Matt is on a mission to change the way we look at soil in the 21st century.


Matt was my guest on episode 132 where he shared his amazing garden journey from professional bass player to high school educator to science curriculum creator!

permaculture student online Matt PowersThis episode is a must listen for any master gardeners or even novices who want to learn about soil in a way that any high schooler can understand. With over 20 years of experience teaching and gardening Matt’s passion shines through as dad, husband and steward of our planet.

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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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